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Treats on the Internets

Great article from no kill shelter director Mike Fry on transports and how they don’t necessarily save more shelter pets but rather pad lazy directors’ live release stats.

Nathan Winograd’s response to the California Sheltering Report.

After being charged with 60 felony counts including racketeering, the former director of the Boggs Mountain shelter in GA spent 2 hours in jail then went on a cruise.

Charges against the former Caldwell Co, KY pound director have been dropped due to a technicality.  Prosecutors may seek a new indictment.

In San Diego, cops were caught on video brutalizing an Iraq war veteran at a trolley station.  Police contend there was a public safety concern due to the behavior of the veteran’s dog.  The owner says his dog is not a public threat and showed officers proof that he is a registered therapy dog.  (Thanks Jan for the link.)

A large rescue organization in Costa Rica started a marketing campaign to instill increased value in their mixed breed dogs by creating breeds for every individual.  (Thanks Arlene.)

Hell Yeah:  Buddhist monks on patrol on the Tibetan plateau, protecting snow leopards from poachers.

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