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The point I was trying to make with my Jokes R Us post the other day was that shelter pets have value to people who love them, whether those people pay an adoption fee or not. Obviously a few people missed the point but it’s so important and one I’ve tried to make repeatedly on the blog. Thankfully, we have some great commenters here who are pretty good with words – much better than my singing. So I’m bringing up this exchange for everyone to read:

mikken / October 10, 2013

You know, people who value animals see their intrinsic value. People who don’t…no amount of money is going to help them see the intrinsic value. I’m sure Michael Vick paid lots of money for his dogs, wanting only “the best”. And we all know how much he valued them.

Just because an animal was free, doesn’t mean it’s not loved as part of the family. Even if that family chooses to sing at it…

Eucritta / October 11, 2013

This is true.

Here’s another thing: if not for people who perceive the intrinsic value of animal life and happiness, there would be no rescue, no foster homes, no wildlife rehabilitators, no movements for shelter or wildlife management reform. No-one would agonize over a backyard puppy who can’t walk or a feral kitten with neuro issues or a neglected flock of young roosters. No-one would make pet wheelchairs, or floation devices for aquarium fishes with swim bladder disease.

The notion that there’s a division between people who care and the Irresponsible Masses is a false one. Time and time again I’ve met people who, seeing a need, stepped in to help as best they knew how. Time and time again I’ve met people who love their pets, no matter how they got them.


What they said.

Thank you.

10 thoughts on “Bringing Up from the Comments

  1. The FREE PET adoptions topic has been studied and
    researchers have found that paying an adoption fee at a rescue or animal shelter
    to adopt a pet does not necessarily mean a better home or that the
    pet parent will love that pet more than a pet adopted for free. Just because a pet is a free adoption fee that doesn’t mean that it is going to an awful life! That is very sad way to see the world! ‘Free = Bad’ is the old way of thinking! I truly believe that people will and do the right thing. Plus in marketing pets for adoption, no fee or reduced fees bring people in the door to adopt, donate and volunteer!

    PS- I also have to add – I adopted my cat Sadie Sue from UPAWS and she was free since she was a Lonely heart Club Member (waiting for a home for over 60 days). She now suffers horribly because I don’t value her very much…plus she is a black cat and that just makes her even less valued! LOL!!

    Here Sadie Sue is at this link suffering miserably in one of two custom made screened in window Catios – she is with her buddy Ollie (who I adopted at Halloween 2 years ago on sale – he is not valued either). They live an awful existence ; ) LOL!

    PSS– I love those cats more than most people!!

    1. We have a cat pit in the utility room. I use the washer and drier to hypnotize my cats into compliance. Sadly, however, rather than attacking the dog, so far they just lick his ears.

  2. whitetabby4 – you’d better be careful who sees those photos because you just might be in trouble with the kitty kops. BTW, I’m not letting mine see the catio because then they would have to have one (and since I got a BOG 2 – they were fosters – they probably aren’t worth much either).

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