19 thoughts on “Weekend Jade

  1. Daayyem, that is a nice-looking dog! I wish I wasn’t at my limit. How does she act around your others – I’m assuming you aren’t doing much in the way of interactions to keep her quiet, but has she at least seen any of the other very lucky dogs who live with you? She certainly seems okay with Billy!

    1. She regularly hangs with the beagles. I haven’t introduced her officially to the other dogs because she really wants to play and it would be impossible to contain the situation. Oh and Mulder can’t do anything but growl, stalk and stare at her with CrazyEyes. But nothing seems to bother Jade. She hasn’t growled or shown any aggressive behavior toward any of the other dogs, even when they’ve deserved it. She does get her feelings hurt when she tries to get the Beagles to play and they tell her off. She’ll sulk for a little while. I wish I could explain to her why she can’t have any dogfriends right now.

      1. I’ve finally got a few dollars to send towards her vet bill, but feel free to spend it on another big, juicy bone or three for her to distract her for a few more hours of quiet healing. :-)

    1. But of course. I’m only the one who came to her in the parking lot after the accident and slept in the x-pen with her that first night when she couldn’t stop crying and who cooks homemade food for her every day. Why should she favor me? Noooo, it’s Billy whom she follows around everywhere and gets all giddy over.

  2. Oh, this is awesome! Such excellent progress! Being so young, it must be very hard to not romp and play and bounce around.

  3. What a beautiful puppy Jade is. I’m so glad that she is being cared for by you and Billy. She’ll be healed in no time at all but I’m sure not fast enough for this little girl.

  4. Weird thing to say, but as far as major injuries go, broken pelvises are among the best because they DO heal very well on their own. So I’m glad for Jade’s sake that she didn’t suffer anything requiring surgery!

  5. HUGS to you and Billy and JADE!!!! What a gorgeous girl! And I too have had GREAT successes with dogs who have had a fractured or broken pelvis.

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