Outrage in Davidson Co, NC: “10 People Beating a Dead Horse”

Warning: Dead pet photos below text. Do not scroll beyond text if you wish to avoid.

In 2013, the Davidson Co pound in NC took in 3440 cats and killed 3167 of them. The facility took in 3319 dogs and killed 2322 of them. The pound also took in 8 bats, 3 foxes, 6 raccoons, 1 skunk and 1 snake and killed them all.  The Davidson Co pound is a gassing facility.

Some of you have likely seen photos of the dead pets on the NC highway after they fell out of a truck transporting them from the Davidson Co pound where they had been killed. The photos were initially posted on Facebook by a concerned citizen who thought a pet killer was at large in the community. It was later confirmed that the Davidson Co truck’s tailgate had come open while transporting the carcasses.

When asked for comment by the Winston-Salem Journal regarding the incident, pound director Judy Lanier made her views plain as day:

“It was an internal employee mistake that’s been dealt with in less than 30 minutes,” she said. “Basically it’s a nonstory. There is one thread on one Facebook page where you’ve got less than 10 people beating a dead horse.”

This is the leadership in your animal “shelter” Davidson Co. The concerned citizen who photographed the dead pets was correct – there is a pet killer at large in your community.  And you’re paying that person’s salary.

Davidson Co, get rid of this pound director and start fresh with someone willing to do the hard work of saving shelter animals’ lives like they do in hundreds of other open admission shelters across the country. The tools are available today, for free. Why not try? I don’t think there’s any chance you could possibly do worse.

Screengrab from Facebook showing a trail of dead pets on a NC highway.
Screengrab from Facebook showing a trail of dead pets on a NC highway.
Screencap from Facebook showing the deceased pets removed from the highway by the so-called irresponsible public in an effort to give them dignity in death.

(Thanks Clarice and all who sent me info on this story.)

14 thoughts on “Outrage in Davidson Co, NC: “10 People Beating a Dead Horse”

  1. “there is a pet killer at large in your community. And you’re paying that person’s salary.”


    1. That should be the title of this post. Seriously, if the animal abusers that people call to have severely punished were to get jobs at these places (which is not difficult or unusual), they’d be getting paid to indulge in their proclivities, and some of the people calling for their punishment for their ‘freelance’ activities would then join the chorus of excuse-makers for what they do under the aegis of a “shelter”.

  2. Saw this before, and it still makes me sick to my stomach. Maybe the “irresponsible” public actually seeing what their tax dollars buy will decide to make some changes to this killing place. Of course, the only “problem” was that the employee made a teeny-tiny mistake and didn’t properly latch a door. Of course, the “problem” isn’t that they KILL all these animals and sometimes, sadistically, gas them to the delight of employees . Reference on the link to employees putting a raccoon in with a cat and her kitten and then watched the carnage while laughing. Sick SOBs!!!

  3. Makes me sick that this happened so close to where I live. UGH! Just imagine if someone looking for a lost pet came upon this scene and found their own pet discarded this way. Judy Lanier needs to be fired for her callous attitude and for allowing the killing to continue.

  4. Agreed. Maybe seeing such beautiful cats being killed and left on the side of the road like run of the mill litter will open everyone’s eyes to whats happening at the shelter.

  5. Mikken – so simply said…pet killers in our communities nationwide and we’re paying their salaries.

    PLUS my opinion, animal control makes money sending animals for research and surgical practices and harvesting of animal parts (in my area its to Washington State University – Veterinary School of Medicine) from Tri-City Animal Control – Pasco, Washington (and other “sources”)…Tri-Cities Animal Control then puts money, property, etc? into a non-profit group called A2Z Animal Sheltering – I’ve been asking for A2Z Animal Sheltering tax records for over two years now…..Animal Control is getting sophisticated in hiding dollars i do believe. Our dollars are supporting all this corruption and killing. I can only guess that Tri-City Animal Control is not the only facility that is doing this.

  6. Also the Director of our local Animal Control attended No more Homeless Pets in 10/22/08 through 10/26/08 in Las Vegas, Nevada – Nathan J. Winograd was one of the speakers regarding the No Kill Equation…..the trip was at taxpayers expense but I requested the bill and never received the amount we all paid…..and the very basic of changes would be to keep Animal Control open after 5pm…its never been done….why? follow the money…money is being made sending the animals for research, practice surgeries and harvesting of animal parts. plus the No kill Equation calls for change and compassion for animals…all lacking at Tri-City Animal Control in Pasco, Washington.

  7. I vote that Sheriff Grice is removed from the Animal Shelter and that Judy Lanier, Director’s job is terminated at once!

  8. Okay. I want you people think about something. I understand the way they transported the animals was wrong for the public to see. But I also understand that there are way to many animal in this county in the state for so many people to take care of. The animal was put down or passed away. Just think about how overloaded the animal shelter would be if they would have kept all these animal. They just do what is best for the animals. They are not gonna sit around and watch a animal suffer from being sick. I believe they try there best to get all these animals adopted. But the true question is how many of you people posting rude coment would actually go and adopt a animal from a shelter. Not everyone has the money to take care or afford a animal. That’s why animals are brought in so maybe people could adopt and take care of the animal better then they could. Just look at the number of animals the was brought in. Could you imgain talking of of all those animal in one small building. Because I can’t.

    1. “I believe they try there best to get all these animals adopted.”

      And I believe that there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That doesn’t make it so.

      Do they have photos of every, single animal up on their website? Do they work to reunite lost pets with owners, scanning for chips in the field, checking lost ads in the field, working to PREVENT animals from ever entering the shelter? Do they have off-site adoptions? Adoption specials? Volunteers? Marketing? Do they work to improve adoptability of pets? Night/evening hours?

      In short, what ARE they doing to get pets out of the shelter alive? Because if you’re just thinking, “Well, they wouldn’t be doing the job if they didn’t care”, then you’re wrong – DEAD wrong.

  9. I understand a lot of people being angry, But keep in mind, If people would take better care of their own pets and be more responsible pet owners, Then they wouldn’t end up here to begin with, I agree they should find a better way to deal with over population of animals, But animal owners are the main cause. Animals never asked for this, They were allowed to roam and breed and then when people end up with kittens and puppies, They want o take them to the pound or just throw them out, You can’t put all of this on Judy Lanier, The public is who sends the animals her way, She has a job to do and follows orders just like others, Yes that’s no excuse for her attitude if it is poor or whatever, But stop breeding your animals and have them spayed or neutered and be more responsible, and this wouldn’t be happening as much, You want to blame someone? Blame yourself ad every other animal owner that is irresponsible.

    1. “If people would take better care of their own pets and be more responsible pet owners, Then they wouldn’t end up here to begin with”

      How an animal ends up at the shelter is completely irrelevant. Maybe there’s a tearful owner out searching for that pet. Maybe the owner ended up in the hospital or died. Maybe the owner just didn’t care – doesn’t matter.

      The SECOND a pet enters the shelter, that animal is the shelter’s responsibility, legally and ethically. And everything that happens to that pet from that second on, is ON THE SHELTER. If this is a responsibility that they cannot handle in a competent and compassionate manner, then they should replace the staff with someone who can.

  10. Grayce and Ghost, do you even try to understand what the rest of us are talking about, i.e. No Kill, or do you just jump to defend the killing because it might be one of your relatives or friends doing the killing. “They just do what is best for the animals.” Yeah, dead is good. And, yes, I do get “pissy” when you defend the killing.

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