Case Update: Rally for Maya on Monday, November 24

There is video evidence and an admission by PETA that two representatives of the group stole an owned chihuahua called Maya from her home on October 20 and killed her.  Accomack County Sheriff Todd Godwin brought charges against the two women but the commonwealth’s attorney has declined to prosecute the case. At issue for the commonwealth’s attorney is “intent”.

The video, which can be seen in this news story as well as on this Facebook page, appears to show the PETA van backing into the owner’s driveway, one of the women getting out and attempting to coax Maya off her porch by tossing treats toward her, then walking onto the porch and taking Maya away to the van.

The mobile home park owner reportedly had authorized PETA to pick up stray dogs in the mobile home park.  But Maya was obviously not a stray, refusing to venture far from her own porch, even when lured with treats.  To my mind, the video shows criminal intent:  the PETA employees know they are only authorized to pick up strays and since Maya clearly isn’t one, they attempt to legitimize her theft by luring her away from her porch, presumably so they can claim they found her wandering in the mobile home park and deemed her to be stray.

There is a rally outside the commonwealth attorney’s office slated for Monday at 10am in the town of Accomac.  If you attend, please let us know how it goes. For those outside the area, respectful letters requesting the commonwealth’s attorney, Gary Agar, pursue charges against PETA for the theft and killing of Maya can be e-mailed to

(Thanks to everyone who sent me links on this story.)

15 thoughts on “Case Update: Rally for Maya on Monday, November 24

  1. Did anyone else notice that “fruit basket”? Good God, it wasn’t a “poor English” translation when he called it a “bucket” (I’ve seen many attacks against the owner elsewhere, that was a favorite point to bring up). It was in fact a bucket! Filled with half rotten fruit and cheep juice. I think that woman cleaned out her refrigerator and stopped by the the dollar store on her way back. Apparently, theft and murder of your pet doesn’t warrant the gourmet vegan cupcakes the high kill ACOs get.

  2. 1) Even if the mobile home park owner asked PETA to pick up strays, obviously this dog was not stray. They walked onto that family’s property and STOLE their property. I wonder if the attorney would have dropped the charges if it were any other piece of “property”?

    2) I question whether it is even legal for PETA to pick up “strays”. They are not animal control. A high kill shelter here in Houston (whose horrid director is buddies with Newkirk) used to take in strays, and of course kill most of them. After I wrote a blog explaining that local and state laws said that what they were doing was illegal since they did not have an animal control contract, they stopped.

    It would be worth investigating that commonwealth’s ordinances and VA state law to see if just anyone is allowed to pick up and kill “strays” or if that job is supposed to be performed strictly by an animal control agency. (It could result in more criminal charges and/or more allegations to add to the civil lawsuit that I SO hope happens).

  3. just the fact that they brought a “fruit bucket” should be enough to say Hey you realized this dog BELONGED to someone.. This is theft and DESTRUCTION of property plain and simple charge them

  4. Have you read the admin’s posts and comments on the FB page?

    If they are correct, these two “women” (trying to use clean language, but having a hard time calling them human at the moment) staked out the neighborhood in advance of this and even played with Maya and other dogs. He/she also claims other owned dogs were taken that day (something I thought was a strong possibility before). If all of this is true, I have to really question what sort of “agreement” this landlord had with PETA.

    The rally is for the CA to allow a special outside prosecuter to view the case and possibly take it to trial. Apparently, even in cases where there is clear criminal activity the local CA is ignoring, the CA has to be the one to invite them in.

  5. I hope everyone near PETA learns from this guy and sets up cameras in their yards. Motion-sensored cameras can be set up for under $100, if you DIY it, available at the local electronics store. If I was near there, I would definitely do it.

  6. Have your shovel and wellys ready, the BS is piled high in this interview:

    So, I can call my friend to come get the healthy, well cared for cat that won’t stay out of my bird feeder? She has no collar on, so she must be abanoned and stray. And since my friend didn’t intend to take and kill a owned pet, it won’t be a crime right?

    Video he saw on the news? He claims to have looked at all of the evidence, but says he saw the video on the news? But then, he also said Maya left the porch. She NEVER did. Not even when offered treats. And she moved cuter back on the porch when pursued.

    Disclaimer: I will NEVER harm a cat. No matter what they do in my yard. That was me being “tongue in cheek”.

  7. I sent an email to the attorney, urging him to reconsider his decision! Maybe if we all contact him, he will reconsider!

  8. I just viewed the interview with this unfeeling asshole! I can’t believe that he is defending his position and action! Can we go higher and have the decision reversed! There is no way they can view their action as harmless! This family was devastated and these bitches show up with a fruit basket! I would tell them to put it where the sun don’t shine!

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