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    1. Wow, I’ll have to take my shoes off to count the number of huge mistakes this jerk made with that poor dog. That letter reads like every other moron who just wants to make himself feel better for doing something so obviously wrong.

  1. It seems to me that the doctor has covered all the bases when it comes to making excuses for his behavior. Since others found the dog to be friendly, non aggressive and well behaved it means to me that the problem is on the other end of the leash. He states that the dog ran off leash….how did he get the dog back on leash? I doubt his story is anything close to the truth.

    The poor dog was put into a van with strangers! He was probably so terrified and he no doubt felt threatened by that doctor and his family. Why didn’t the family meet the dog before adopting him? Why wasn’t this dog introduced to the other family do beforehand? There are more questions than answers in this entire story.

  2. I had to read that article three times to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.

    How did this idiot manage to get past this rescue’s screening process? I don’t mean that as a dig towards the rescue. I mean from what I’ve heard in the past they have *very* high standards.

    How did he manage to give the right answers one day then come up with the epic failure that is this five page letter a week later? And why would he go through the long process just to drive to FL and dump the dog?

    And this idiot made it through medical school. That’s a very scary thought.

    1. I have no additional information on this particular case. But I have observed, and personally experienced, a tendency among many rescue groups to harbor a bias against poor people while simultaneously waving through rich applicants. Poor people are often smeared as animal abusers while it’s assumed that the rich will care for their pets lovingly. As has been shown countless times, these biases are baseless and only serve to hurt animals. Money does not equal love. Or even common decency.

  3. An idiot doctor does not surprise me. The residents at a medical college that I previously worked at could not figure out how to make coffee-I was just thankful they were not studying to be surgeons! I do question why someone would adopt a dog and then go on vacation as dogs that have been in a shelter need time to unwind and get used to their new surroundings. Some dogs are not used to riding in a car or being crated. This idiot just stressed the poor dog even more!

    1. I don’t get that whole ‘one bacteria’ thing. I don’t care if there’s ‘one bacteria known to cause human illness’. Examine most people’s hands and you’ll find that. I want to know what the level of contamination, type of bacteria, and risk are. I mean, bacteria associated with spoiled food must be present on most food normally- because all food spoils and the bacteria have to predate that.

      I’d like to see an analysis of this by those used to studying the epidemiology of food poisoning and food safety, and a comparison to human foods (for which we should know a number of these figures). If you’re going to switch from kibble to home-cooked, for example, you’d want to make sure you are actually reducing the risk. Which you’re likely not if the stuff you would use to make it at home has the same problems.

    1. I hate when the exact location and info is not given for a pet who needs networking. Who is “Peggy” whose phone number is listed? I tried Google and found that Edgecombe Co has a municipal facility in Tarboro, NC. Could this possibly be the location of this dog?

      1. That would be my guess. It would help if more information was given, but this old guy looks like he desperately needs out of there. Just trying to get the word out by sharing.

      2. Just went to the page for Tarboro NC animal shelter – OH MY, I feel worse for this guy now than before. They aren’t open many hours, none of them convenient to the public, I fear. They don’t even have anyone there to answer phones most of the time. Can’t imagine this dog is going to survive that facility.

  4. http://assembly.state.ny.us/leg/?default_fld=&bn=S00473&term=2015&Summary=Y&Actions=Y&Votes=Y&Memo=Y&Text=Y

    This is a bill in the NY Assembly. I can find no record of votes or the like on it, so hopefully we can get it stopped.

    This bill wants to dictate that ALL dogs and owners must pass a basic obedience class. On the surface of it I can see where this sounds like a good idea. However reality is otherwise. Especially since the bill states that what’s taught in that basic obedience class is going to be dictated by the government.

    First off, it’ll be YET ANOTHER cost for dog owners. And that is an issue. Unless they’re going to try to force trainers to offer it for free (or for government subsidy, which would be even worse IMO).

    There is no exception made for working dogs. Many farm dogs and LGDs never leave their home property except for vet visits, and they are NOT house pets. Hunting hounds, also are frequently not house pets or ever taken off the property except for hunting (and regardless of what you think of that, it IS how it is, those dogs aren’t going to pass basic obedience either).

    Nor does it take into account dogs with “problems”. Can you see a dog aggressive dog doing well in a crowded obedience class?

    Many conformation show dogs are (very deliberately) never taught the “sit” command, so that there is less of a chance of the dog sitting in the show ring (instead “down” or “stand” is used instead), but if the requirements dictate “sit” be included in the class then those dogs will fail too.

    And then there’s dogs like my two. Neither of whom are exactly your standard dog. They’re both well behaved in public. And its entirely possible that neither would pass your average obedience class, ESPECIALLY with the wrong instructor…..

      1. I’m hoping common sense will prevail, but this is NY state, there is a distinct lack of common sense in our government….so I’m spreading the word hoping that if enough people express their thoughts on it that they’ll make a point of trashing it!

      2. You know, sometimes I think we are pushing spay/neuter for the wrong species . . .

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