More Tragic Cases of Veterinary “Care” at the Memphis Pound

Puppy ID #275425 at the Memphis pound, as photographed by Memphis Pets Alive.
Puppy ID #275425 at the Memphis pound, as photographed by Memphis Pets Alive.

Puppy ID #275425 was impounded as a stray by MAS on February 27, 2015. Her age was estimated as 8 weeks and she weighed just 7 pounds. Her intake condition was listed as “poor”. Records indicate she was unable to bear full weight on her right rear leg due to a dislocated hip. There was no x-ray taken at the “state of the art clinic” as notes indicate “system currently unavailable”. On March 5, it was noted that she had soft stool and that “overfeeding” must be ruled out as the cause. Records indicate she was being fed just 1/2 cup of food per day. A puppy this age and size would need to be fed this amount 3 – 4 times a day.  Feeding just 1/2 cup per day would presumably be prosecutable under local cruelty statutes.

A rescue group offered to take the puppy but MAS refused to release her intact.  Because policy, MSN, whatever.  On March 7, despite her young age, poor condition, dislocated hip and starvation diet, MAS spayed the puppy. She died shortly after the procedure.


Dog ID #275494 at the Memphis pound, as photographed by Memphis Pets Alive.
Dog ID #275494 at the Memphis pound, as photographed by Memphis Pets Alive.

An 8 year old dog, ID #275494, was impounded as a stray by MAS on March 2, 2015. The medical records indicate he was “emaciated” with a body condition score of 1/9 and had “deep degloving type wounds” to both front legs and “pyotraumatic dermatitis over rump”. The vet notes state that the dog needed “daily cleansing of wounds”. There are no notes to indicate the dog ever received this daily wound cleansing. There are no notes indicating the dog ever received any medication for pain. In fact, the note “monitor for pain” was entered in the vet notes on March 2, as if there was some doubt as to whether a dog whose front legs are flayed would experience pain.

Thankfully after 10 days at the pound, the dog was pulled by a rescue group.  I assume he finally got the care he needed immediately thereafter, thanks to the irresponsible public.

Taxpayers pay the head veterinarian at MAS $87,400 a year.  In case any vets out there are looking for a job where you don’t have to work too hard.

8 thoughts on “More Tragic Cases of Veterinary “Care” at the Memphis Pound

  1. Well, we all know that Coleman is MUCH more interested in dead animals than live ones. After all, she wants to be a FORENSIC veterinary specialist. I guess what happens before they die really isn’t much of a concern for her.

    But then, MAS is known for hiring bottom of the barrel staff. And keeping them. For a long time. All the while defending them as “caring, compassionate professionals”. Right up until they go to jail for animal cruelty.

    WTF is wrong with all of them that they accept this as SOP? Why doesn’t Rogers demand better of his people? I thought he was all “I’m on top of shit now, don’t you worry.” in the beginning, but now it’s clear he’s just “yep, everything’s cool – except, you know, for that darn irresponsible public”.

    Building? 7.2 million dollars
    Staff? Useless

    But hey, they’re “doing the best they can” and “nobody wants to kill” and “it’s a tough job that no one else wants to do” and they “work day in day out for the animals and it’s a thankless task” and blah blah blah blah. You could fire every single person there today, staff the place with volunteers and do sixteen times better than what’s going on with those “professionals”.

  2. The black and white dog in this article is our foster dog through Tunica Humane Society. They made sure his legs were looked at and he is healing nicely, no thanks to MAS.

      1. THANK YOU Hollye for that update. Why does it always seem that the non-profit, un-paid, VOLUNTEERS are able to do a million times more than a “state of the art” shelter with an overpaid vet? So very sad.

    1. Thanks for the good thing you all are doing down there. Mikken tells the truth! This place has been a cesspool and slaughterhouse for so long. I’m so upset that the pup wasn’t released to a rescue. The poor little girl never had a chance to grow up – and to spend her last days in that place makes it so much harder to live with.

  3. I have seen and heard the work of some crummy veterinarians, but this is beyond freaking awful. What the hell was the point of spaying a puppy that was so obviously sick? I wonder if she was just used for practice by the scumbag vet and whatever ‘technician’ was there – if there even was one. How ANYONE could participate alongside such a shitty vet – don’t they have ANY concept of professional ethics and personal pride, or are they aiming to be as much of a turd as the skid mark calling themselves the vet at this hellhole?

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