Dog Runs Home After Being Shot by ACO 5 Times, ACO Hunts Him Down

Max with family, as shown on the WVVA website.
Max with family, as shown on the WVVA website.

West Virginia – On April 21, Tamara Curry’s dogs Max and Tyson accidentally escaped the family’s fenced yard and were roaming the neighborhood.  Someone called Greenbrier Co ACO Robert McClung about the dogs.  ACO McClung loaded Tyson into his vehicle but says Max was growling, showing his teeth and coming towards him so he shot the dog 5 times.  The wounded pet went to his bed on his porch to lay down.  ACO McClung says he then dragged Max off the porch.

Ms. Curry, who had been asleep inside the house with her children but was awakened by the gun shots, heard ACO McClung tell Max, “That’s what you get for being stupid.” She then heard more gunshots and the sound of a vehicle driving away. Curry, who had not come outside during the incident because she did not know who the lunatic with the gun was or what he might do next, found a note slipped under her door by ACO McClung which read “We have removed 2 dogs from your property.”

Ms. Curry is heartbroken because Max was family.  She says he was never aggressive and was a good dog.  She doesn’t believe McClung should stay employed as an ACO because he’s not doing his job:

“I feel that there should have been some other step done first. I don’t feel he’s compassionate. I will quote his business card. It says serving and protecting man’s best friend. I don’t feel he did that. I don’t feel he did the steps to protect my dog.”

I would agree that an ACO whose one and only tool in the toolbox for dealing with growling dogs is GUN should not be on the job.

McClung tells WVVA that there was nothing he could have done differently, especially with Max coming at him. While some outraged citizens worry he isn’t trained, McClung says he is only one of 100 people nationwide that has the level of training he does from the National Animal Control Association.

What special NACA training is he referring to?  And where are the other 99 bozos we have to protect our pets from?

Greenbrier Co has fined the Curry family for having dogs off leash and for expired licenses and rabies tags.  There are still blood stains on their porch.

Concerned citizens are expected to attend tonight’s county commissioners’ meeting to demand that McClung be fired.  McClung is confident that won’t happen and in fact, isn’t even bothering to attend the meeting.

(Thanks Julie and Clarice for sending me this story.)

24 thoughts on “Dog Runs Home After Being Shot by ACO 5 Times, ACO Hunts Him Down

  1. hmmmm.  one of the county commissioners has the same last name.  “The County Commissioners are not full-time employees of the County, therefore, are not in the courthouse five days a week.  However, they may be reached via postal mail, e-mail or telephone.”Main County Commission    304-647-6689 ext. O    Lowell Rose    304.646.8899    Michael F. McClung    304.647.0773    Woody Hanna    304.646.9904

      1. However, the commissioner, McClung is not an animal lover. He keeps trying to defund the animal shelter. the other 2 commissioners over rule his vote, thank goodness!

    1. Horrible story. He should be charged with wrongful discharge of a firearm at the least. What a vicious man. This is the type of thing that the BTK killer did as an animal control officer–going to people’s houses to get and kill their dogs.

  2. He is the same ACO that shot a kitten in front of a child, saying the kitten was RABID! he ignores calls of animal neglect, saying he is too busy to handle every call. If you want to help animals in this county, you NEVER call animal control or the police. Call a rescue group or take matters into your own hands. I live in lewisburg, and have to say that i am AFRAID of Mcclung and AFRAID to speak out or my dogs may end up missing or dead.

  3. “He also admits this isn’t the first time he’s had to shoot a dog and says it unfortunately won’t be the last, but that it’s never easy for him to take those measures.”

    But that’s what you get for “being stupid”. And a dog. I guess.

  4. Also, there’s no telling what he does to the animals the rest of the time, if he does this in plain sight! What a horrible, horrible person. Poor Max and his family. RIP, sweet pup. :'(

  5. It’s to the point where until the system can be changed to allow accountability it’s safer for all involved to work around it. So often now when you call for help you end up hurt instead, when you try to help an animal the animal is killed.
    Better to educate people to avoid calling the authorities if there is any other choice.

    1. The owners were able to pick him up from the pound; it was an excellent opportunity for the county to present fines and a lecture on responsible dog ownership, I presume. . .

  6. There is no end to ignorance, and ACO’s that really don’t give a damn about the animals they are supposed to care for. Just there for a paycheck!! Heartless asshole!!

  7. I am a NACA certified ACO and worked armed for many years. My gun was carried for protection from the OWNERS not the animals. No ACO worth anything that knows how to use a catchpole should have to resort to killing a dog in this way. This guy needs to be fired. He is a cop wannabe and should not be dealing with animals.

  8. His personal life should be looked into. If I remember correctly The Green River Killer did something similar. The dog clearly was not a threat when he was on his own porch.

  9. Good grief since when does Animal Control carry guns? Not in my area. What was wrong with making the dog. But this gun happy monster pulls his gun and blasts away in a neighborhood that has kids. This is just not acceptable.

  10. This man is lucky to be alive…..or at least not beaten to a pulp. If that had been my dog I’d be getting my own type of revenge . I would suggest he start looking over his shoulder because karma WILL catch up with him

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