15 thoughts on “Name That Animal

  1. easy one, but I’ll wait an give a few folks a chance to guess at it…

    these are really pretty…

  2. I keep coming back to look at the picture, and I’m still not sure. I think it’s a nudibranch, but that’s as far as it goes.


    This is a flamingo tongue snail. From this animal’s Wiki entry:

    When it is alive, the snail appears bright orange-yellow in color with black markings. However, these colors are not in the shell, but are only due to live mantle tissue which usually cover the shell. The mantle flaps can be retracted, exposing the shell, but this usually happens only when the animal is attacked.

    Now I hafta go look up “mantle tissue”.

  4. Forgot to come back to this yesterday…its a flamingo cowry, a type of snail. It feeds on sea fans, which are colonial organisms related to corals. The cowry eats the soft animals , leaving the hard base behind.

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