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  1. As we’re forced to confront our legacy of racism and the violence that goes along with it, as one excessive-force case after another shows us militarized police that in some communities must seem like an occupying army — and as we see how the animal control system is tied to a system of control over people — this case of the shooting of a dog by a SWAT team in St. Louis County, MO last year seems to encapsulate everything. The documents are available because the family that was targeted recently filed a federal lawsuit over the raid.


    It makes for truly jaw-dropping reading. Not just graphic, but astonishing (how could this have actually happened?), and so vivid that my heart beat faster in fear and horror as I read what was done to Kiya and her people. And it’s thought-provoking, to say the least. If something like this mind-blowing raid can be planned and carried out with taxpayer funds in the 21st century, is it any wonder that public animal shelter workers are still routinely killing animals without hesitation, running roughshod over public sensibilities, and then blaming others?

    1. I am absolutely gobsmacked by the completely insane actions of the police in this case! And the judge had to be suffering from some kind of stupidity to issue a search warrant without asking what the homeowner had said in denying an inspector in, to then make the idiot officer lie about it to continue the process. The cops and judge need to be run out of town – preferably into the path of an oncoming train!

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