Look What You’ve Done Now

“A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.” – John Burroughs

maricopa co dog
Shelter dog in a bin, as pictured on PetHarbor.com.


lex co dog
Shelter dog chokepoled to the ground, as pictured on PetHarbor.com.


rutherford co cat
Bloody shelter cat in a cage, as pictured on PetHarbor.com.

9 thoughts on “Look What You’ve Done Now

  1. And they wonder why it’s hard to get people into a shelter to adopt. But hey, it’s not THEIR fault, right? If only the public weren’t so irresponsible, they wouldn’t have to pin a dog to the floor with a choke pole, or not get a cat proper medical care, or put a dog in a body wheelbarrow while he still ives.

    Remember, this is all your fault, irresponsible public. You MAKE them do this.

    1. The scary thing to me about your snarkilicious translation of shelter speak is that it sounds like every abusive spouse or parents “look what you made me do” speech.
      There is something there I think , perhaps just that bullies do that kind of thing.

      1. vida, YES there is a DIRECT link between animal cruelty and abuse of elderly, children, spouses or anyone else who is not able to fight back. The FBI has openly recognized this link.

    2. mikken, I agree with you totally. There are many shelters that blame the uneducated public when they have to KILL dogs. A progressive shelter would devote more time/effort to adopt those who are placed in their care. Kill shelters, follow Nathan Winograd on FB and read his books which will give you a blueprint of the No Kill Revolution.

  2. It’s sad, but I witnessed so much worse as a volunteer at Char-Meck ACC. The people that work in these death camps just don’t care. To them it’s a job, a paycheck, and nothing more. Nothing anyone says could ever change my mind about that.

  3. What can you say about these people? Are they hardened by life so much that they’re unable to step back and review their own behavior? This is not a problem with one or two isolated people at these places. It’s an ACC that is promoting a culture of neglect and abuse. Very sad!

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