Eyewitnesses Report Seeing Maricopa Co Pound Worker Abuse Dogs

Arizona – Two sisters who went to Maricopa County’s West Valley Animal Care Center looking for pets to adopt say they heard a pound employee yelling at a pair of dogs he was trying to put into a kennel. They say they saw the worker repeatedly and violently kick the dogs, although one got most of the abuse, until the cage door was ripped off its hinges, pinning one of the dogs to the floor. The women say they filed a formal complaint at the pound regarding the incident.

Their eyewitness account of animal abuse at the Maricopa Co pound spread on social media. Kim Kulpa, an area rescuer who saw the post, went to the pound and pulled both dogs.  She says one was visibly shaken and injured:

“He was cowering on the ground as soon as I walked up and his eyes were bloodshot and his face kind of puffy, I knew something’s not right with this dog,” Kulpa said.
She decided to rescue the dogs and took Hugo to a veterinarian for x-rays and says that the injuries supported the sisters’ story.
“He had bruises on both sides of his face. She felt he had a concussion. His body had a little bit of swelling,” Kulpa said. “Consistent with blunt force or being thrown against a gate, possibly.”

The pound has placed the accused employee on administrative leave and is investigating itself in the matter. But:

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and Phoenix Police tell ABC15 that they have no record of any reports being made.

Off to a good start.

Raise your paw if you have full confidence in the county’s ability to investigate itself with integrity and transparency regarding this abuse complaint which law enforcement denies exists.

Thank you to the irresponsible public for advocating for and rescuing these dogs.

(Thanks Clarice.)

5 thoughts on “Eyewitnesses Report Seeing Maricopa Co Pound Worker Abuse Dogs

  1. This shelter, maricopa county animal care and control, is looking for a new director. If anyone knows of a no kill candidate willing to take on the county bureacracy including the cluelessness of the board of supervisors, the partial takeover by HALO the supposed “no kill” rescue, and some really messed up employees, please apply.

  2. I am so glad that these two dogs got out of that hell hole, but no doubt there are others. Wait, I’m supposed to feel oh, so much better cuz they are investigating themselves. SHIT! Not in the mood today after reading about our local ac who was contacted about an injured cat, but dispatchers on different shifts just got confused (?) so the original finder just posted about this poor injured cat lying dead in the road now. AC just can’t figure out what happened, but they’ll let the director know! So much ugly out there right now!

  3. Yeah, I’m sure that they’ll work hard to find the truth of it and then act decisively.

    Yep. Absolutely.

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