LA Pound Kills Two Lost Dogs While Telling Owner They Aren’t There

Rufus (top) and Mikey, as shown on the KTBS website.

When Amber McMillan’s dogs, Rufus and Mikey, got lost last month, she went to the long troubled Caddo Parish Animal Shelter in Louisiana looking for them. She brought photos of her pets to show staff and was escorted around the kennels. After not finding the dogs on her first visit, she filled out two lost pet reports. She returned to the shelter two days later to again show pictures and look for her pets. Three days after that, same. Then two days later. Even her parents visited the facility looking for Rufus and Mikey. But the staff repeatedly said they had not seen the dogs. When Ms. McMillan went to the shelter again, 12 days after her first visit, she was finally informed her dogs had been at the facility but were killed after the four day holding period expired. No staff member had ever contacted her about the dogs.

When asked by local media for an interview about the killing of Rufus and Mikey, pound director Chuck Wilson refused. But in a statement issued by the parish, the pound accepted full responsibility for their violent actions which needlessly and permanently ripped a family apart. Only joking. They complimented themselves and blamed the owner:

[I]n their press statement, the parish says “no paperwork pertaining to Ms. McMillan’s missing pet report was misplaced or improperly located.” The statement goes on to say, “proper protocol and procedure was followed.”
“Unfortunately, [Ms. McMillan] did not identify her pets after each visit.”

So to recap, they HAD the lost pet reports with the descriptions of the dogs and the owner’s contact information the entire time, they just never contacted her. And the lady was too dingy to recognize her own dogs so shrug.

Ms. McMillan posted a response on social media, describing herself as heartbroken:

They were my babies for over 10 years.
Every time I went in and showed pictures they claimed [the dogs] hadn’t come in and had no record of them being there.
I did not overlook my dogs that I have had for over 10 years. They were not in the areas I was shown.

I believe you Ms. McMillan. And I’m sorry your beloved pets fell prey to monsters who kill the very animals they are paid to protect from harm.

(Thank you Clarice.)

9 thoughts on “LA Pound Kills Two Lost Dogs While Telling Owner They Aren’t There

  1. Again, and those who kill simply make excuses. Shame on them. I’m so sorry for the woman who lost part of her family. I hope she takes legal action. Probably those dogs were in the secret little place where they keep dogs they plan to kill. Our local animal control has a whole area dedicated to keeping those animals out of the public eye. HMMM

  2. Goddamn. I hope she sues their asses off.

    How can paperwork be misplaced and yet proper procedure followed?

    Utter bullshit. But a lawsuit is the ONLY thing that will make people like this make an actual effort to change.

  3. Very sad to read. I agree – sue their @ss and then make sure this story stays in front of the public.

  4. My heart goes out to Ms McMillan. I would be devastated. If only all shelters had caring people. Sounds like Caddo is not one of them. RIP little ones.

  5. this is heartbreaking, such callous disregard for the lives of others. I’d be gutted if this happened to my dogs. I hope she gets justice.

  6. What a bunch of scumbags. They ought to be ashamed of themselves, but obviously they have no conscience or regard for life.

  7. THe pieces of shit that works in these place feel entitled to do what they want! Theres no repercussions for them doing it wither!

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