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Vintage Dog Book Images: The Rough-Coated Beagle

Yes scruffy! (Possible new blog name.)

Painting of a rough coated beagle by Thomas Earl (1836 – 1885)

The types of beagles we have in the US today are pretty straightforward: 13 inch and 15 inch, measured at the highest point of the shoulder. But looking back to the 19th century, there were lots of different types in the UK as the breed was being developed including pocket beagles, glove beagles, fox beagles, dwarf beagles and super awesome rough-coated beagles.

Blue Bell, as depicted in The Dog Book, Volume 2 by James Watson, 1906

For reasons unknown (and unforgivable), the scruffy variety didn’t last long into the 20th century. But if I ever get my hands on a time machine, they will be making a comeback. (Do not speak to me about the importance of not altering the timeline or killing Hitler or whatever – this is official beagle business.)

One smooth-coat, one rough-coat from the book A History and Description of the Modern Dogs (Sporting Division) of Great Britain and Ireland by Rawdon B. Lee, 1893

I love them.

From The New Book of the Dog by Robert Leighton, 1907

So much.

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