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Content Warning: Memphis Shelter Pets for Adoption

The Memphis Animal Services website provides photos for most of the listed adoptables but scant descriptions, usually just a couple words such as “heartworm positive” if anything at all. So there’s no way of knowing if the pets in the photos are connected with cruelty cases or what their history may be. And since the city refuses to provide medical records on animals, there’s no reliable way to obtain that information.

In looking at the dogs posted with photos on the city’s website today, several appear to be either bloody or starving:

“String bean” and “Bean pole”. Ha ha?

If you are looking for a cat, they have those too. I think.

Above images: Memphis Animal Services

Memphis Animal Services has a history of starving dogs to death and abusing animals. They should stop hiding animal medical records from the public. And they need to do way better on their website listings.

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