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Animals in Art: Threatened

Saimaa ringed seal by Jaime Bran
Owston’s palm civet from the book Mammals of Eastern Asia by GHH Tate, 1947
Tasmanian devil illustration by C.E. Swan from The Wild Beasts of the World, Volume Two by Frank Finn, 1909
The clouded leopard entry in the book Guide to the Garden of the Zoological Society of Philadelphia (Fairmount park) by Zoological Society of Philadelphia and Arthur Erwin Brown, 1905
Dholes by Winifred Austen from the book The Wild Beasts of the World, Volume One by Frank Finn, 1909
Red panda lithograph by J. Smit appearing in Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, 1869
Artists: J. Gould and H.C. Richter, Spectacled flying fox from The Mammals of Australia, Volume III, 1869
Vaquita by Frédérique Lucas, 2017
Siberian crane by Nicolas Huet (1770–1830)
Illustration by Benson B. Moore from the book Wild Animals in and out of the Zoo by William M. Mann, 1930
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