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Vintage Print Ads Featuring Dogs

Ad appearing in Forest and Stream, January 1920
Portion of an ad appearing in Forest and Stream, December 1920
Spratt’s dog food ad including a calendar showing June 1908
Ad appearing in Forest and Stream, June 1920
Ad for canned dog food
Ad appearing in the backpages of the book Horse and Hound by Roger D. Williams, 1908
Ad in the classifieds of the Boston Daily Globe, December 1920
Philadelphia Times, February 26, 1888

And now we come to the Old Grist Mill Dog Bread portion of the post:

From the classifieds in the Boston Sunday Globe, November 1902
Boston Sunday Globe, September 1903
Boston Sunday Globe, October 1903
Boston Sunday Globe, November 1904
Boston Sunday Globe, April 1905
Boston Sunday Globe, October 1905
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