A Thing Called Redemption

Image: Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station

California– When the adorable little yapper pictured above got lost last week, he ended up at the local animal shelter. His owner tried to reclaim him but apparently was unable to pay the required fee. Heartbroken and upset, she refused to leave without her pet, even after the shelter was closed, so staff called the cops on her.

Sheriff’s deputies responded by paying the redemption fee and returning the dog to his owner. While being framed as a feel good, spirit of the season story as it made the rounds online – and don’t get me wrong, the deputies did the right thing and that’s awesome – I’d like to add a heartfelt slew of swears to the shelter staff for being such dicks. None of the stories recognized them for their cruel and heartless actions so now that’s corrected.

With all the whining we are subjected to from shelter workers a la the irresponsible public won’t reclaim their pets, we feel attacked when animal advocates ask us to do our jobs, we have to kill animals to make space, we’re the real victims, etc., you’d think they would let a dog go home with his owner. If nothing else, it gets the little bugger off their hands. But no, they call the cops because CALLING ALL CARS WE HAVE AN OWNER HERE WHO LOVES HER PET AND WANTS HIM BACK AND BEING AN ANIMAL SHELTER WE ARE ILL EQUIPPED TO HANDLE SUCH A CASE SO BRING YOUR TASERS AND HANDCUFFS AND GUNS.

Do better.

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