Vintage Dog Book Images: Beagles III

Snipped from The Dog Fancier magazine, August 1903
Another beagle from the same page, noted as a 15 inch, and dam of the dog below.
Also from the same page, this dog is described as a 12 inch beagle with 16 inch earage.
Excerpt from Brehm’s Life of Animals: Volume I – Mammalia by Alfred Edmund Brehm, Wilhelm Haacke, Eduard Pechuël-Loesche & Richard Schmidtlein, beagle illustration by Gustav Mützel, 1895
Beagle and verse from the book Breeding, training, management, diseases & c. of dogs by Francis Butler, 1877
Image from The New Book of the Dog by Robert Leighton, 1907
Two images from the book The Dog by Dinks, Mayhew and Hutchinson, illustrated by Frank Forester, 1857
Photo from the book The Sporting Dog by Joseph Alexander Graham, 1904
Photo and text, including a breed standard that references both rough-coated beagles and different sizes than today’s standard, from The Complete Dog Book by William A. Bruette, 1921
Photo from the book The Farmer’s Dog by Albert Frederick Hochwalt, 1922
A brief mention of the beagle in the book Dog and Dogs by Joseph Edward Harry, 1927
The beagle entry in the book The Dog and How to Breed, Train and Keep him by George B. James Jr. (1894) uses this photo (with sketched in tail) to illustrate the breed. Oh but then look at who has paid for an ad in the book’s backpages:

Another ad from the same book:

Write for what you want. Simple.
A theory on how blue ticked beagles got their coloring from the book Forty Years Beagling in the United States by Eugène Lentilhon, 1921
I wasn’t able to find what publication this image appeared in but the adorable dog lived in the 1960s (which is significantly later than the other photos featured but I’m making an exception for historical significance/squeezable-ness).

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