Vintage Dogs and Kids III

Shields, G.O. (1891). The American book of the dog. Chicago, Illinois: Rand, McNally & Company
Dogdom, September 1911
Dogdom, September 1911
Boston terrier pups in Dogdom, September 1911
Dogdom, October 1911
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Photo by H.V. Furness from the article:
Haynes, W. (December 1915). Toy dogs of royalty. House and Garden, pp. 36-37
Collies in The Dog Fancier, November 1920
Dogdom, November 1921
Dogdom, December 1921
Dogdom, December 1921
Dogdom, February 1922

2 thoughts on “Vintage Dogs and Kids III

  1. Lovely!

    In most of these, though, the dog’s friend doesn’t even get acknowledged. The dog’s would object

  2. Nice selection of breeds, love the little Boston Terriers. The double photo of the Bulldog and Bull Terrier shows how much the breeds have really changed in a century.

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