A Lick of History

Country Life, a British magazine, often documented shoots and hunts on various estates. In December 1901, the magazine ran a two part story on pheasant shooting at Highclere, the property of Lord Carnarvon, which included this photo of the house party:

(1) Lord and Lady Carnarvon, at center with dog, pictured with guests.
(2) Retriever working at a lake with Lord Carnarvon in background.

Lord Carnarvon would die in April 1923 in Egypt in his capacity as a financial backer of Howard Carter’s search for the tomb of King Tutankhamun. His death occurred after a mosquito bite on his face became infected but, as one of those present at the opening of the king’s tomb, a legend built up attributing the death to a mummy’s curse.

(3) A bonus picture of one of Lord Carnarvon’s show pigs.

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