Vintage Dogs: Smols V

Barbou, A. (1883). Le chien; son histoire, ses exploits, ses aventures. Paris: Jouvet et cie
A fox terrier named Laura pictured in Country Life, October 5, 1901
She looks like a scrapper.
Source: Anon. (1901, December 14). Mr. Blagg’s Dandie Dinmonts. Country Life, pp. 782-784
Goldie Lee, a “French toy poodle” belonging to Oak Lawn Kennels of Amite, Louisiana, fresh out of damns to give.
From The Dog Fancier, March 1903
Dogdom, July 1908
Cover of Dogdom, August 1908
Dogdom, August 1908
Dogdom, January 1909

A few photos and excerpts from a 1920 terrier article:

Source: Source: Cairns, D. H. (1920, July 24). Cairn terriers. Country Life, pp. 112-113
A good scruffy.
Source: Baynes, E. H. (1922). Polaris, the story of an Eskimo dog. New York, NY: The MacMillan Co.
The Dog Fancier, April 1903
The Dog Fancier, July 1903

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