Vintage Dogs with Jobs III

Two images of liver, white and tan field spaniels from Country Life, October 19, 1901.
Foxhounds at a crossroads in Country Life, February 8, 1902.
The king’s pack of dogs used for otter hunting was made up of otterhounds, foxhounds and five terriers.
Source: Anon. (1902, June 21). The king’s otter-hounds in county Wicklow. Country Life, pp. 821-822
Enlarged and marked portion of previous photo showing five terriers.
Although the article indicates there were only five terriers in the pack, I spotted a couple more on the opposite side of the photo. Maybe they were guests.
Dogs used for cougar hunting in Colorado, pictured in Country Life, November 22, 1902.
The Sami are an indigenous people of Northern Scandinavia. They live a nomadic lifestyle with their reindeer herds and dogs. Photo from Country Life, December 13, 1902.
Pictured here in Country Life, December 13, 1902, the Hursley Hunt today has a website.
Dogdom, August 1908
Two images of Rap, a two year old mixed breed who competed in sheepdog trials.
Source: Holme, C. (1920, August 14). The human dog. Country Life, pp. 210-211
Art by Morgan Stinemetz in the guide leaflet:
Colbert, E. H. (1953). The origin of the dog. New York, NY: The American Museum of Natural History

Honorable (?) Mention:

Source: Barbou, A. (1883). Le chien; son histoire, ses exploits, ses aventures. Paris: Jouvet et cie

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  1. Hey, don’t diss Spot, a.k.a. Cerberos. He did his job faithfully and well.

    And bequeathed his name to countless dogs since.

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