AL ACO Ties Dead Dog to Tailgate of AC Truck

AL – Marshall Co ACO Kevin Hooks responded to a call on Monday regarding a pack of 5 dogs who had killed a pet owner’s dog.  The owner had shot one of the 5 dogs to death.  ACO Hooks captured 3 of the surviving dogs and loaded them onto his truck.  He tied the dead […]

Updated: Latest Tidbits on the Alabama 44

I am still plugging along, attempting to pin down details on the Alabama 44.  Mainly, I am hoping to account for the last 3 dogs.  If you have any information on the whereabouts of these 3 dogs (see below for details on the other 41 dogs), please share.  In addition, there have been several discrepancies […]

News on the HSUS “Rescued” AL Dogs

Here’s where we stand on tracking the dogs HSUS secretly “rescued” from a home in AL, shipped off to various undisclosed locations and have since tried to dangle shiny objects in front of anyone who inquires about the case: 10 dogs sent to Lincoln Co Animal Services in NC – a gassing shelter with a […]