Robeson Co Moves to Kill More Shelter Puppies

The Robeson County pound in NC killed 62% of the dogs in its care in 2015.  Expect that number to go up. Last month, the Robeson Co Board of Death Health adopted a policy which will, in effect, mean death for many puppies at the county pound.  Specifically, any puppy under 4 months old eyeballed […]

Robeson Co Pound in NC on a Killing Spree

The Robeson Co pound kills animals while half the dog cages sit empty.  Supporters defend the practice, saying it reduces the spread of disease.  This has not been the case at Robeson, where 700 dogs have been killed in the last 2 months. There are proven methods to reduce the spread of disease in shelters.  […]

Robeson Co Animal Shelter: Still Failing

Robeson Co Animal Shelter has significantly lowered its kill rate due mainly to aggressive marketing of its pets on Facebook.  This is good.  But it’s not sustainable.  Robeson Co rejects the no kill philosophy and instead keeps rescuers in crisis mode.  The reason Robeson Co is killing fewer animals is because they are continually pummeling […]

I Survived Quarantine but Will I Survive Robeson?

The Good:  North Carolina’s Robeson Animal Shelter, which has been closed most of this month for quarantine due to distemper, re-opened for adoptions this week. The Bad:  Vaccination upon intake is still not standard protocol at Robeson and I haven’t heard whether they implemented any of the recommended changes from the HSUS evaluation in November […]

Robeson Co Animal Shelter: Bring Out Your Undead

Since the Robeson Co Animal Shelter in NC doesn’t have a shelter vet, they pay private veterinarian Curt Locklear to kill pets at the shelter.  Recently, allegations have emerged that Dr. Locklear is improperly euthanizing some pets at the shelter – that is, failing to confirm death before tossing them in a truck with dead […]

The Problem with Robeson Co

The problem with Robeson Co is not that the animal shelter allows pets in their care to suffer.  And it’s not that the shelter needlessly kills the community’s pets via heartstick.  And it’s not that the bureaucrats in charge defend the shelter’s cruel practices and shoddy leadership, even as the shelter fails inspection after inspection […]

Is Robeson Co Trying to Hide Poor Shelter Pet Care?

Of all the reports of abuse, killing and mismanagement at Robeson Co Animal Shelter in NC, this one frustrates me the most.  And it’s not even directly about a pet suffering or being killed. A new policy enacted last month bars members of the public from taking pictures or recording video inside the shelter. Of […]

Robeson Co Animal Shelter: “Mostly Positive”

Robeson Co Animal Shelter in NC recently failed two state inspections due to multiple issues including failing to maintain the shelter in accordance with standard disease control practices and failure to provide veterinary care for sick pets.  The shelter manager explained the inspection failures as being due to overcrowding.  She further described the arbitrary killing […]

State Finds Evidence of Neglect at Robeson Co Animal Shelter

This note, posted on Facebook, is purportedly from the Robeson Co Animal Shelter (RCAS) director, April Lowry: I am not writing this to you in defense i am writing this to you stating the facts…I do not need a defense… What an opener. First I will state that we have failed 2 inspections due To […]

More Needless Killing at Robeson Co Animal Shelter

Pop quiz:  2 pups at your shelter test positive for parvo.  What do you do with the rest of your dogs? A. Isolate them from the dogs who tested positive and test them each for parvo. B. Have a vet examine them for possible symptoms of parvo and isolate/treat as appropriate. C. Foster/adopt them out […]