WA Shelter Director: Public Too Dumb to Get Weather, Too Irresponsible to Have Pets. Also: Why Doesn’t the Public Like Me?

The director of the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter in Pasco, Washington is saying things again.  This time, pound director Angela Zilar blamesplains to KEPR why the facility typically sees an increase in stray dog intake at this time of year: “As soon as the weather starts to change, people that have all of these outdoor dogs that […]

The Irresponsible Public Comes Through When Pound Manager Fails to Protect the Human-Animal Bond

Last year the Everett Animal Shelter in Washington “rescued” 110 cats and kittens from a 32 foot trailer and killed them all.  And the response to panleukopenia at the facility has been mass killing.  It’s not a good place for cats. Lisa Shelly, an area resident, has been struggling to keep her family together.  Her […]

The Irresponsible Public Strikes Back – Times Two

The Wisconsin Humane Society took over shelter operations in Racine Co one year ago.  In comparing 2012 to 2013, the Wisconsin Humane Society reports a number of changes: Animals are no longer killed as a means of population control. The number of live released animals nearly doubled. Financial donations were 14 times greater. All animals […]

The Irresponsible Public Shelters a Group of English Shepherds in NC

The Guilford Co pound in NC kills roughly half its dogs and cats – unless someone there thinks the pet happens to look like a Rottweiler, Chow Chow or “Pitbull”.  Guilford Co refuses to adopt out any pets who, in the staff’s opinion, resemble those types of dogs.  The non-profit that runs the pound also […]

The Irresponsible Public Helps Reunite a Family in Memphis

A reader who visited the Memphis pound this month was waiting in the lobby when she saw a senior citizen holding a small dog with grey around the muzzle at the payment window.  The man was telling the MAS employee, “But I don’t have the money, I don’t get my check until the end of […]

The Irresponsible Public Checks In

Many of you will remember Amber at MAS in July: Amber was rescued by TN Death Row Dogs and has now gone home. Good for you, Amber.

The “Irresponsible Public” Seeks Justice for Dog Killed by Maricopa Co

A concerned shelter pet advocate contacted Maricopa Co Animal Care & Control in AZ last month regarding the photo posted online of a Chihuahua being held down with a chokepole.   This was the response received: On Sep 20, 2012, at 10:59 AM, Karen Dickey – ACSX <KDickey@mail.maricopa.gov> wrote: Thank you for your concern. Unfortunately, Maricopa County […]

+1 for the Irresponsible Public: Amber is Safe

No one can say for certain what would have happened to Amber if not for the irresponsible public. But I can say what I believe would have happened, based on the overwhelming evidence of what has happened to so many other Pitbull type dogs at MAS: She would have been left in that stinking cage […]

We need to rally the irresponsible public (as usual) to save Amber

Amber is the mama dog who was attempting to care for her dead puppy in a cage at the Memphis pound when someone there photographed the dogs and posted the photo on the internet.  It is unknown why the puppy died or what happened to the rest of the litter (assuming the deceased pup was […]

Sweet, Sweet Jane – The Irresponsible Public Strikes Again

She’s OUTTA THERE! Thank you to Meows and BowWows for pulling this dog for us and to all the donors who have provided the funding to make this possible.  Jane has some old bite wounds, some recent ones, some ticks, her ears have been chewed by flies and she’s pretty dirty.  (How am I doing […]