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YesBiscuit! is an opinion based form of citizen journalism.  I try to cite sources for the facts included in my posts, usually a link to another media source or a person who has sent me information.  If there is something presented as fact which you believe is incorrect, I am happy to correct the record.  Just contact me citing the information you believe is factually incorrect along with a source for the correct information.

Please keep in mind:

  • There is a difference between asking questions and stating facts.  The nature of this blog lends itself to a lot of question asking as the pet killing facilities I cover often attempt to hide their activities.  If I don’t know the facts regarding a case, I will sometimes ask questions on the blog in an effort to find out information.  If a question I’ve asked on the blog gets answered, I may update the post, create a new post (while leaving the old one intact and online) or simply leave the information in the comments for everyone to see.  I do not delete or alter posts in order to hide anything.  I edit to correct spelling, grammar, word choice and the like but any significant changes which affect the content of the post are included with the words “Added”, “Update” or similar notations.
  • There is a difference between sharing opinions and stating facts.  In this blog, I share my take on events occurring in the shelter system.  These are my opinions and should not be construed as being representative of anyone else’s views.  Nor should they be confused as facts.  Differences of opinion or requests to clarify an opinion are welcome in the comments but do not e-mail me to request a “correction” of an opinion.  There is no such thing.
  • It sometimes happens that media sources report facts differently. As long as the cited source has not issued a correction or retraction, there may not be cause for me to issue a correction. If such an instance occurs, I will use my best judgement in determining the appropriate action.  If the cited source does issue a correction or retraction, I will make note of it in the post as soon as I am made aware and able to post.
  • Like many animal advocates, I do my advocacy work for free while working a regular job to pay the bills. I am not available to read and respond to e-mails 24 hours a day. Please allow me time to properly investigate your submission.


If you have information to share – positive or negative – regarding your local shelter or one that you’ve visited, please feel welcome to contact me.  I will keep your name confidential if you prefer.  Please understand that I can not in good conscience post unverified e-mail forwards from unnamed sources.

Important note:  I do not make cold calls in seeking out a story.  If you want to help the pets at a shelter you have first hand information about, I want to help you.  But please do not send me people’s phone numbers or e-mails and tell me to contact them for eyewitness accounts.  I don’t do that.  Witnesses are welcome to e-mail me with their information.

Helpful information:

  • Be specific and be succinct – It’s essential to provide details but not all details are essential.  Stick to your main point.
  • Links to online articles
  • Videos documenting shelter or animal conditions
  • Photos – send largest size you have, I can reduce if needed
  • Copies of any shelter records or other documents pertaining to your story
  • Your name and contact information (I will keep this info confidential if you prefer)

E-mail is the best way to reach me.  Please understand that I can not cover every shelter story sent to me.  That’s not to say they lack merit necessarily, it’s merely representative of the fact that I have limited time in which to research and post.

– Shirley Thistlethwaite

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  1. Hello – Well, this is not my first post – I haven’t mis-spelled my email address… But my comment is not showing up. I certainly hope you don’t suspect me for “asshattery”. I am trying to address the last comment with a polite and reasonable response. I thank you for allowing me to do so.

    • I found it – got automatically marked as spam due to the number of links in the comment – I set it free.

  2. Is there an email address where I could send you a private email? Thanks

    Bett Sundermeyer
    No Kill Houston

  3. Patti Barcus

     /  December 10, 2010

    Wow…. I am new here and I am new to blogging. I thought “asshattery” was a VERY interesting word! lol And I don’t know what “snark” means.

    Am looking forward to checking out what you and others have to say.

  4. Patti Barcus

     /  December 15, 2010

    Not sure that this is the “right” place to ask, but am going to do so anyway. Their are so many shelters with “humane society” in the name…. Are any of these under the umbrella of HSUS? Or are they all separate? Sorry I have to ask. I’m just learning.

    • HSUS does not operate any shelters, not are they an umbrella group for shelters with the words “humane society” in the name. HSUS does spend a tiny portion of its annual budget (less than 1/2 of 1%) on grants to shelters of their choosing. Most shelters receive nothing at all from HSUS and even for those who do, they still rely mainly on other sources of funding (such as donations from individuals).

  5. Deb Sweetman

     /  January 23, 2011

    Can you help spread the word about this?

    80+ DOGS will DIE TOMORROW IN GREENVILLE, SC. we need Fosters for “SOME “Dogs for 2 WKS (Max) or $65 Sponsor. We’re working w/ 501C3 group to save them. Contact:

  6. swtdixi

     /  February 15, 2011

    Everyone is always so ready to jump on the ban wagon about Animal Control and Animal Care. Don’t judge them until you walk in there shoes everyday. I can tell you that is a part of their job they don’t enjoy doing. They do the best that they can do, you can not save every dog or cat that walks through the doors. The public and these rescue groups need to back off of Animal Control and Animal Care. You may love animals, but I will guarantee the ones who do this job everyday, love them more….

    • Redemptionis†

       /  February 17, 2011

      “…you can not save every dog or cat that walks through the doors…”

      The irony of your statement is that *no* dog or cat would “walk through the door” of an AC facility, were it up to them; because they can sense (smell) fear and death from the present and previous “guests”. No dog or cat wants to be there — they’d much rather take their chances out on the streets.

      My local AC sports a 90+% kill rate for all cats; and any owner-surrenders (dogs *and* cats) are subject to being euthanized *immediately*. Why? Because AC knows they’re not lost, and that no one is going to come looking for them. Therefore the state mandated 72-hour “stray hold” does not apply and they are given no chance at all for adoption. For them, the emphasis is all on the CONTROL part — making sure animals aren’t carrying rabies (which it seems they presume guilt until proven innocent) — and aren’t posing the slightest inconvenience to the lowlife so-called “owners” and their families, who are in most cases too cheap, ignorant or uncaring to even get their pets *fixed*.

      About a year ago, their AC officers trapped and killed a small MANAGED colony of feral cats, just because some people in the local area had called in about them. NO effort at all was made by AC or the neighbors to contact the caregiver, who had invested a considerable amount of their own time and money having these cats vetted, altered, on flea/heartworm preventative, etc. and otherwise tending to their needs on a daily basis. Yeah, they care all right (Not). They mostly care about collecting their paychecks and shifting all the blame (no matter whose fault) to the “irresponsible public”. Just my varying mileage.

    • swtdixi, thanks for coming here and reading, thanks for caring, and thanks for commenting. I HAVE walked in the shoes of Animal Control. I have volunteered there. I applied to work there but was not hired. Some places do better than others. NOBODY does the best they can! (I don’t, but then I’m not bringing home a paycheck every two weeks, nor do I have union support to keep me from having to work too much, nor do I have government benefits either.)

      I don’t believe that the public or rescues should back off! I think that taxpayers and the animal loving public have a right to decide how their tax money should be spent and how their beloved animals should be treated by the government.

      Who are YOU to say which person loves animals more?!? That’s just silly. Is there such a thing as too much love?! Hmmm. Interesting thought—maybe—but I don’t think so. Each of us has free will and the unique opportunity to express our love in whatever manner we choose. Read some of these posts and you’ll see many examples of Animal Control managers and employees choosing poorly in their methods of expressing love. IMO.


  7. swtdixi

     /  February 17, 2011

    Who am I, I am someone who has worked in the animal field for 20 years, between being a vet tech to animal control. I have seen a lot in that 20 years and have been criticized for what I do. Everyone wants to hold Animal Control responsible, the public and the courts don’t want to hold irresponsible pet owners responsible. There are things much worse that those animals can go through or have gone through that is much worse than being euthanized. Then again I have seen the suffering and torture that some of these poor animals have had to endure in their life.

    I don’t know kind of paycheck you think we get or hours you think we work, but you so wrong about what you are thinking. On call 24 hours a day, dealing with compassion fatigue. I cry a couple times a week, not because of euthanizing because of what I am seeing, a feral cat starving or has contracted aids or Rabies, or a dog that has been fought, or starved or beaten, hit by a car. These are things we deal with on a daily basis. Don’t tell me I don’t try my BEST, or that my coworkers don’t try theirs, because you would be so wrong. I don’t know where either one of you are from or what your animal control is like, but I can tell you this, we do not euthanize healthy adoptable animals!!! We have a 87% adoption rate on cats that are not feral and a 93% adoption rate on dogs. We vaccinate all cats and dogs, we test for FELV and heart worms, we even treat for heart worms. We have happy animals where I work at, yeah they come in scared, not because they sense something bad, it’s because they don’t understand what is going on and that is a very low percentage that come in that way, most come happy and wagging their tails.

    We also have a close relationship with our local SPCA and certain rescue groups. We also deal with breed rescues too. Animal Control has changed a lot in the past years.

    • gator

       /  April 12, 2011

      You people don’t want to help find new homes. We tried to adopt from ASPCA & HS by the time you are done jumping through your hoops, you wonder are you really trying to find these animals homes. I wonder how you ever adopt a dog or cat out. Take a good look at yourselves, or can’t you look in the mirror?

    • Brenda Forden

       /  June 20, 2011

      You are not in the majority. Just because your shelter and it’s employees are doing their best, does NOT mean that all shelters do. There are hundreds of shelters in this country that have questionable if not down right illegal practices. I suggest you do some homework and look into it. Without people standing up and screaming from the rooftops about these horrid places, nothing will change. If you truly are an animal lover, you would applaud those who stand up for those who can’t speak for themselves.

  8. This is despicable from beginning to end. I just saw the video yesterday and, in my opinion, everyone of the people involved should be fired immediately! There is no excuse for behavior at a place that is supposed to be a ‘shelter’ I’m appauled & sickened and will continue to fight for justice for these defensless animals. Those people are sick, including that so-called Director with her middle finger in the air!

  9. P.A. Hollis

     /  April 24, 2011

    Dear ‘whomever’ you might be. I thought there may be some content to consider here as valid. However, I must share with you that you vitrolic attacks have lent a you a banner of irratic and frightening behavior. I feel certain that your site will give alot angry people a place to congregate and then launch attacks. Try to remember: If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. You stated ‘The public has a right to know what their tax dollars are doing! Looking at the history of the “shelter” the article is about (MAS), I believe whoever blocked this content probably helps run the place and doesn’t want bad publicity.’
    You are not speaking with authority and compassion. You send out a pomposity that goes well with your lack of work and ability to get along with people well enough to contribute to creating a loving environment. What good are you to these animals? Slaughtering the reputation of people that are working to make a difference. There is NO perfect system in life…even with people. Real life is difficult to say the least. You are not dealing well with this real life. Turn the focus to yourself if can honestly and ask youself, ‘does this angry energy help ANYONE? Put your mean spirit in the closet and pull out the one that says ‘Who do I think I am and how can I put a positive action in place that will not hurt people but help animals.
    Good Luck.

  10. Can you please follow this story… I would be willing to let you do an entry into your blog as well :)

    ♥ ♥ ♥ http://helpoifveteransdogs.chi​​tting-her-dogs-home ♥ ♥ ♥ you can also follow my story at​helpoifveteransdogs

  11. patricia amigh

     /  October 25, 2011

    Has there been any progress made regarding the cruel treatment of these animals? It looks like this has been going on for a few months. I have written letters to Wharton and Hooks, but no response. Also, has there been any response from the media?

  12. How do I ask a question to the general audience here?

  13. Hi, I was wondering if I could have all my comments removed please? I’m sorry for even posting them in the first place and I tire of people twisting my words and attacking me for having an opinion and defending one of the places I used to volunteer at.

  14. Donna Zaino

     /  September 16, 2013

    There is an issue that is deeply distressing to me. I’m not sure if this should be dogs/cats only site but the BLM is slowly decimating/killing off our wild mustangs for the land and allowing people to take them to slaughter. They are terribly abused, left in the hot sun, starved, and transported for killing. 93% of horses (wild/tame) slaughtered are healthy! Be warned; if you see a video of horse slaughter, you will NEVER forget it. It is barbaric. Thank you for letting me speak of this horror.

  15. Glad to see you’re going to keep the trolls out, I’m basically posting now to let you know I’m on your side, I just don’t always make a comment, just now and then, basically because a lot of it is just beyond words, it is unbelievable the way animals are treated especially in humane societies, it is very sad that can at least depend on them to take care of them. I want to take this chance to thank you for all the hard work you do to bring this to light.

  16. Adrianne Mock

     /  March 26, 2014

    not sure how to post to an “open thread”… I am probably missing something (sorry… )

    Here’s a link about a seizure of chickens and roosters form a guy who apparently SHOWS his birds (not for fighting!!!). The birds were scheduled to be released to him, as no evidence of wrong doing (i.e. cockfighting) was found… but oh, wait!! The ACOs decided that his birds suddenly contracted a ;mysterious contagious disease’ and had to be killed…

    {Note: This originally appeared at}
    Terril Byrd’s feathers are ruffled…and for good reason.
    Back in December, New Bern police seized nearly 60 chickens (hens and roosters) from Byrd’s property on suspicion of cockfighting, according to News Channel 12. The station reports officers also seized training muffs, a vest, syringes and antibiotics.
    Byrd told the station in January that he hadn’t done anything wrong. “They’re show birds,” he said. “I show them at the fair.” He also explained that the muffs were used for breeding and the vest was actually a beer holder.
    Earlier this month, the station reported that District Attorney Scott Thomas said there was not enough evidence to charge Byrd and he gave the go-ahead for the chickens to be returned, passing the buck to Animal Control…. more at link…

    sorry for putting it here… hopefully I can figure out where it *should* go next time… but it’s a great example of over reach, and that confiscations and over =zealous ACOs dont’ jsut affect dogs/cats… but many OTHER animals as well…


  17. Mark White

     /  May 7, 2014

    SORRY but is there away to attach documents and send them to you?

  18. Are you familiar with the Tallahassee Leon Co Animal Service Center in Tallahassee, FL? I was a volunteer there and they showed me the door because I criticized their “euthanasia” policy. We have active rescue here, such as Big Dog Rescue, Last Hope Rescue, and others. They do a great job but have limited capacity. I am wondering if there is a way to the the shelter into no-kill short of privatizing it?

  19. steve

     /  February 21, 2015

    Are there any studies about animal shelters purposely categorizing dogs as Rescue Only, limiting the dogs chances of being saved while “legitimizing” killing the animal and reducing their kill rate of adoptable dogs?
    We suspect that is and has been taking place at our county run facility and need stats and information to help back up our claim to county commissioners. Thanks for your time.

  20. fabiola francis

     /  June 1, 2016

    Hello, can you tell me what you think about the hiring of a new Director at MAS Ms. Alexis Amorese Pugh. she used to work for the Humane Society and was asked to resign. Now she is the new director taking office on June 13, 2016. Good,bad, so so. I think is very political driven choice. The administration did a national search. ??

  21. How is the situation at this shelter today??



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