The Worst Animal Cruelty Prosecutors in the Country

After failing to get convictions on any of the three managers indicted in connection with the 2009 MAS raid, state prosecutor Chris West was replaced by prosecutors Marques Young and Katie Ratton for the trial of former Memphis ACO Demetria Hogan.  Accused of selling an impounded Pitbull named Kapone out the back door and allowing […]

More Pets Go Missing from MAS

Kitten #240135 was impounded by Memphis Animal Services (MAS) on May 1, 2012. She was listed as a 1 month old female. As of September 18, there is no outcome for this kitten. The entirety of her medical records consists of a single exam on May 2 containing the note “too young”. The records clerk […]

Memphis Pound “Loses” Another Person’s Pet

Memphis resident Victoria Henry’s dog Nola is missing.  Ms. Henry writes: My pups Uno (Siberian Husky) and Nola (Lab mix with American Bulldog) dug a hole in my back yard and got out under the fence on Thursday, May 3, 2012. They were picked up by animal control the same day between 12 noon and […]

Former Memphis ACO Indicted

Despite stumbling blocks in the judicial system, former Memphis ACO Demetria Hogan has officially been indicted on multiple charges in connection with the disappearance of Kapone and the cruel killing of Max: Former Memphis Animal Services employee, Demetria Hogan, has been indicted on four counts of official misconduct, one count of forgery, one count of […]

City Leader in Memphis on Shelter Pitbulls: Kill ’em All

What do you do if your city shelter employees have been caught on video beating Pitbulls, you’ve got one ACO charged with cruelty in connection with “disappearing” a Pitbull and the local rotary club reports that your shelter staff has ties to Pitbull dogfighting rings and regularly sells Pitbulls out the back door?  If you […]

2011 to 2012: Only connect…

In looking back, we look ahead.  We see where we have succeeded and where we have failed.  We refocus our efforts while making necessary adjustments.  We learn as we grow.  Here is a review of some of the notable stories from the blog over the past 12 months.  I tried to focus mainly on local […]

The Spirit of the Season

In addition to Kapone’s return to his family, a couple of other stolen dogs have been returned to their homes this week. A seizure alert dog named Bella was returned to the epileptic infant she helps in San Diego.  Police are investigating the possibility that an ex-girlfriend of the baby’s father stole Bella out of […]

Memphis: A Public Trust Betrayed

August 25, 2011 The Honorable Robert E. Cooper, Jr. Office of the Attorney General and Reporter P.O. Box 20207 Nashville, TN 37202-0207 Dear Attorney General: Because of widespread malfeasance at Memphis Animal Services (MAS), which implicates the staff, the director, the city council, the city attorney, and the Mayor, we are calling for your office […]

Leadership Changes at MAS

Matt Pepper tells the Fox affiliate in Memphis that he will be leaving MAS the first week of September and talks about his replacement: He said at least in the interim, Chelton Beamon, the shelter’s operations manager will take over. These webcam grabs appear to show Mr. Beamon out of uniform in the stray area […]

In Memory of Max

When police were attempting to locate fired Memphis ACO Demetria Hogan in order to arrest her for cruelty in connection with the “disappearance” of Kapone, she was allegedly tipped off that police were waiting for her at the pound.  So instead of taking the dog she had on her truck at the time – a […]