The Truth about HSUS

Many people believe that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is an umbrella organization for the local animal shelters of similar names across the country.  This is incorrect.  In fact, although HSUS has an annual budget of more than $100 million, it only gives approximately 1% of its money to shelters which actually care for pets.

HSUS is involved in many activities – primarily lobbying for legislation which is often anti-breeder and anti-pet in my view – as well as animal cruelty investigations.  But let’s be clear – HSUS does not operate a single animal shelter in this country.  Any animals HSUS rescues via a cruelty bust are cared for by other groups who actually operate shelters or rescues and very likely receive no financial assistance from HSUS.  The shelters and rescues who actually care for homeless and abused pets rely on your donations to help them provide this care.  If you donate to HSUS, you are not helping the shelter pets in your community.

HSUS has a history of deceptive fund raising tactics which cash in on the public’s misperception that donating to HSUS directly helps shelter pets.  If you want to donate to a group that cares for the homeless pets in your community, find your local no kill shelter here.  Better yet, stop by with some canned food or treats for the pets at your local no kill shelter and see for yourself how the animals are cared for.  Know where your donated money is actually going and how it will be used.  Knowledge is power.

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  1. Great article, very accurate and to the point. Many Americans are waking up to the TRUE HSUS agenda and are disgusted with appears to be their hope for a vegan America. Wayne Pacelle is nothing more than a modern day Nazi spreading lies and filling his pockets with donation dollars. I for one can do the math on their IRS tax returns posted on the HSUS web site. Facts do not lie!!

    • YOU ARE SO RIGHT !!!!! We gotta get this message out loud and clear. Maybe snail mail to rescues???? Everyone needs to STOP being afraid. We have to think of the good of the many !!!!! We need lawyers to step up. We are here to help. Just let us know.

  2. Matt

     /  April 5, 2010

    Wayne Pacelle’s HSUS can be summed up in one quote, from Wayne himself: “I have never felt a close bond to any animal”.
    And he gets the head job at HSUS?

    Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains un-awakened.
    – Anatole France

    Wake up Wayne.

  3. BADKarma

     /  April 5, 2010

    I would argue that Wayne Pacelle has never felt a close bond to anyone or anything except himself and his ego. He is a sociopath, and like any other sociopath, will happily and readily tell any lie to get his way.

    As such, he’s the perfect front-whacko for an organization whose real goal, (clearly stated if you’re good at reading PC doublespeak), is the elimination of all human contact with animals, followed shortly thereafter with the elimination of all humans who don’t follow the Veganist Jihad’s religious teachings.

    I’m very happy that people are finally waking up and realizing what their money has been supporting all these years. Unfortunately, since two of these fanatics are already occupying cabinet-level government posts; and a third is in the pipeline as we speak; I just hope it’s not too late…

    • suzyelectracuted

       /  December 28, 2010

      BadKarma is typical of the insanity that is on Humanewatch.

      • OK Suzy – We get it. You don’t like Humane Watch. You do like HSUS. No need to fill up the comments section posting the same thing over and again.

      • I agree. Rick Berman should be going to jail for his fake groups that he creates just to spread lies about anyone who wants to the world to be a kinder place. Humane Watch is one of his fake pages..

    • Thanks for opening my eyes! Whenever I run across someone who is having a problem with a horrid shelter, I tell them to contact the HSUS for help or the ASPCA! I already know about PETA’S killing of thousands of animals! Is the ASPCA on the “up & up” or are they crooked, too? We need to get this crooked “B”, Wayne Pacelle ousted & do something to get the HSUS back to what it should be…..”HELPING ANIMALS & HELPING PEOPLE WHO HELP ANIMALS”!

  4. Janegael

     /  May 6, 2010

    Be VERY leery of a site that promotes itself as being out to expose the HSUS. is actually a front for the NRA, seal hunt and others who “use” animals rather than care for them.

    Google Rick Berman and you will see he’s a high powered lawyer backing these folks. Simply reading the Humanewatch site is scary. Yes, the HSUS is guilty of fraud and other crimes, but don’t join up with animal killers and think you are among friends.

    • Therese

       /  November 19, 2010

      I could likewise say that you should be VERY leery of people who spread misinformation without looking into the source of that information. I am not an NRA member, or a seal hunter, or a “user” of animals. I adopt from shelters and rescues, I’m also a volunteer. I’m “merely” a pet owner. Even my vet wants to come back as a dog at my house.

      Back in the 80s I was a monthly donor to HSUS and they kept sending me all this useless crap that I didn’t want. I was not stupid enough to think “woo hoo free gift.” Instead I thought why is my donation, that is supposed to be helping animal shelters, being frittered away with cheap trinkets – someone had to pay for this stuff.

      I tried to put a stop to the flood of poorly made, direct to trash, goo gaws without success, so I stopped sending HSUS money. The parade of dollar store rejects continued for months.

      While HSUS was continuing to send me stuff I didn’t want or ask for I started doing a little poking around and in addition to the waste of HSUS donations I was directly experiencing, I was seeing a pattern of waste and reading comments by HSUS’s management class that I absolutely did not agree with. This was before the internet was in wide usage so there wasn’t a lot of information available. But what I was seeing told me that HSUS had been lying to me in order to get my donations. I thought I was helping shelter dogs.

      As I became more active in animal welfare issues I met a lot of people who told me the same story. Former HSUS monthly donors, disillusioned by the trinkets, couldn’t make them stop, wondered why their money wasn’t going to help shelter animals – all wonderful folks who would drop anything to help an animal in need. They had also all stopped donating.

      With the easy availability of the internet, folks who truly care about animal welfare and solving the crisis of shelter killing had easy access to what HSUS was up to and it pretty much confirmed what many of us had learned on our own. It’s all about appearance for HSUS and less about substance.

      I am indeed a proud fan of HumaneWatch on Facebook. Do we have bad apples in the bunch, yes we do, I try to ignore them. Every organization has bad actors. Animal killers? Um, nope. I have met some really wonderful, caring people there. People who go on abuse seizures that HSUS never hears about (we need people willing to work hard, not stand and mug for the camera). People who convince neglectful owners to give up their animals and then turn around and find them good homes (which I recently did with 8 pot bellied pigs that were being kept in squalor). People who stop and grab stray dogs before they can be hurt or killed (because they know animal control is short handed, so why not lend a hand). People who take care of feral cat colonies, and volunteer to bathe dogs for adoption events. Vets who heal strays for little cost and sometimes for free. And this is just the HumaneWatchers I know personally.

      Animal killers WE ARE NOT. Janegael, you obviously have us confused with HSUS, who called for the Michael Vick pit bulls to all be killed, while at the same time raising money “to care for them”. HumaneWatch is only scary for HSUS management, because they see the impact that HumaneWatch is making in educating people to support animal welfare, not animal rights, and certainly not fraudulent fund-raising.

      • Amen to you Therese.

        If only all people could focus on the message instead of the messenger.

        I have no affection for big business front groups but when they simply relay PETA’s self reported kill rates, anyone who tries to deflect attention from that plain information is being dishonest.

        I recently read about a local vegan pig farmer. Might sound odd but fact is people are going to eat meat and if I were a farming vegan I might realize I could help those piggies to the best possible life on their way to inevitable slaughter.

      • suzyelectracuted

         /  December 28, 2010

        Therese You are a proud member of Humanewatch. I guess that could be true. There are people proud to be members of NAMBLA.

      • I am not an HSUS supporter either, but you really should do your research Therese. Humane Watch is funded by multi-national corporations and big farms run by corporations. I prefer not to be a whore for an organization that has an agenda much bigger than just smearing HSUS.

      • sunny

         /  April 11, 2011

        To Therese :
        I just want to ask about your comments.
        First of all.. this is kind of shocking news for me ! I’ve donated my money to HSUS, eniviroment, no kill shelter, wild life, IFAW internation, protection for sea wild life….on and on and on….I’ve been donated my money to most all the animals who needs help out there! I love to help out animals who needs help..and I knew HSUS was one of animals organization helping out for animals from shelter, rescue group and seals, and …..
        Every month ,like you said.. I get this news letter asking for help out abuse, hunger or stray dogs who need help! I been getting gift from them, and donate my money for wounderful gift.
        But… I just can not believe what people are saying in here!!! Where is my money goes from HSUS??? where are using those money from>>?? aren’t they suppost to use that money to help out shelter animals???
        I don’t think HSUS are not those people use money for something else??
        YOu know they do help out animals and been rescued thousand animals!
        They website and video are not fake…
        I just don’t know what to believe or who to listen to….What do I do when I receive another gift and letter for them?? do I need to help them or not???
        (Im just….(??????) in my mind)

    • Thank you. It is sad that there are so many horrible humans on this earth. Rick Berman, AKA Dr Evil, and his fake group Humane Watch are a very tragic example. The people who believe their BS should know that they are protecting puppy mills by doing so.

  5. Wow. I always love being called a Jihadist because I don’t believe in harming anyone, human or non. Always a great idea to accuse people who believe in total non-violence of participating in a religious holy war. Or to call us Nazis. That’s a great comparison! Because our insistence on creating as little suffering as possible is really a front for our interest in perpetrating genocide.

    By the way, most hardcore vegans don’t support HSUS. It’s not fanatical enough for us ;) I am certainly not a HSUS supporter myself, but I would probably refrain from calling Wayne Pacelle a Nazi. That’s highly offensive. He may be dishonest and greedy, but a Nazi he is not. Let’s not default to meaningless name calling when we don’t have anything useful to say.

  6. Megan

     /  November 19, 2010

    I’ve had some long conversations with a friend of mine taking courses through HSUS, and her main point is that they don’t claim to run or head all the humane societies throughout the states. Their goal is to change the way humans treat non-humans, as in to end seal hunts, puppy mills, etc. Yes, to do this it takes a LOT of money, and a lot of legislatiing, and before any of that happens, it takes a LOT of education. Those are their goals. Change the way humans view non-humans and there won’t be so many suffering animals. Doesn’t seem evil to me.

    • As long as HSUS makes this known to donors it could not be evil.

      People far more involved than me can point to very misleading advertising pitches.

      And there will always be the Vick dogs. Thank goodness other groups stopped their killings.

    • Then again, what is in a name?

      HSUS causes one to think of… animal shelters. Protecting lost and found pets. Not changing human interaction with pets.

      Very misleading right from the start.

    • The told my rescue that they do NOT have any programs for rescue organization !!!! I heard it with my own ears. Showing pictures of the broken dogs that we save is just wrong !!

    • Thank you. That’s it, exactly. Sure, they have to “deal with the devil”. I couldn’t do it. I’m glad HSUS does. I’ve discovered that as an “animal welfarist”, somehow, I am a traitor to the animals. To some. Time to work together.

  7. mary frances

     /  November 23, 2010

    HSUS advocates acquire power deceptively – the results are then a disaster and more suffering for the animals….1/2 of 1 % pretty well sums it up.

    • suzyelectracuted

       /  December 28, 2010

      Humanewatch spewage. Find some new lies, that’s been disproven.

  8. Lisa

     /  December 28, 2010

    Megan: You & your friend are being deceived by HSUS. They do not care one bit about saving any animals; they only care about lining their pockets with the money from those who are being fooled. The two of you need to open your eyes.

    • That is exactly correct. Donate to your local groups. They told me today they are onlt therre for emergencies and even than they will not pay the rescues for complete vet care (no spay/neuter) money. Shame on them for misleading the public with pictures of broken dogs that we save.

  9. Suz

     /  December 28, 2010

    If all HSUS cares about is changing policy – why don’t they show court rooms, voter booths and class rooms on their ads? Instead they show abused, sad animals in shelters that pull at your heart strings to help them.

    • suzyelectracuted

       /  December 28, 2010

      Makes you mad doesn’t it. HSUS is the largest, most powerful, most effective group in the world fighting for animals.

    • Erica

       /  January 14, 2011

      Well – let’s see…because IF they did they know that their donations would dry up. Almost every person that I know who supports HSUS says as much. They will tell you that it pulls in the money because most Americans relate to dogs & cats – and besides they do *save* animals from puppy mills and fighting rings. Yep, maybe they do – but they don’t take care of them – only dump them somewhere else for another group to pick up the bill.

      So instead of having to worry about the money drying up they mislead and LIE to everyone to keep the money coming in. They try to play the HSUS was here first game and that humane societies formed as a result of the name of HSUS – bull there have been humane societies around since before the 1900’s.

      Just the fact that Pacelle is running the group – besides checking out his background and seeing how he should be last choice for this position – has NOTHING to use as a reason for what he is doing. No pets. No feel good feelings for them, either. Having no problem with domesticated animals being gone one generation and out. Yep, sure sounds like someone that should head the largest animal “welfare” group around to me.

  10. Truth

     /  December 29, 2010

    Sadly, many of you on both sides are misled. Yes, HSUS rakes in millions of dollars in donations on the false premise that those dollars will directly save animals. You can look at their stats on HOWEVER, it is a fact that HumaneWatch, while followed by many wonderful animal loving people, is funded by the CCF (Center for Consumer Freedom) -a lobbying group formed by Rick Berman with a hefty donation (about $8,000,000) from Phillip Morris. True animal lovers should disconnect themselves from BOTH groups -they are both just using us to their own ends (and that goes for PETA as well, who also kills animals with the “justfication” that they’re better off dead than suffering with humans -they also wanted to kill Vick’s dogs) Please don’t let your love for animals blind ypu to the failures or true purposes of all of these organizations. “Think globally, act locally” -support your local shelters.

    • Rebecca

       /  December 29, 2010

      I have been saying the exact same thing about HSUS since the mid-80s. HSUS is not about helping animals, it’s about politics and lobbying for their agenda. But what our “side” needed was a moneyed, powerful, lobbying organization to take up our side of the issue. In walks HumaneWatch. If you have a beef with HumaneWatch, I suggest you take it up on its merits, not the old ad hominem attack of Rick Berman is evil. Heck Wayne Pacelle took money from Vick.

      I’m not blind, I do independent fact checking, and I donate time and money locally – and I’m a proud member of the HumaneWatch community, keeping an eye on the HSUS.

      • The fact that Wayne Pacelle took money from Vick, and endorses Vick, does rather contribute to discrediting Pacelle.

        Humanewatch really does have its own corporate-oriented agenda, and it’s wise to examine what they say with a certain amount of skepticism and suspicion. OTOH, when they are giving their sources and the sources are checkable (as with their PETA kills animals site, with its annual posting of PETA’s kill numbers, taken from PETA’s filings with the state of Virginia), they can be really valuable. They have their own reasons for doing it, but they have the money and the manpower to pull and sift through stuff like that, and make it available.

        Use them where they’re useful, but don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re actually on our side.

    • “Truth”, You just don’t get it. It does not matter where the information came from if it is TRUE. It could have come from Saint Peter or from cannibals, it just doesn’t matter as long as the information is true and it is TRUE.

  11. mary frances

     /  December 29, 2010

    Re: Truth’s comments – Would gladly support my local “shelter” except they support pet limits, bsl, high kill rates and transport animals for vet school practice surgeries (then are killed) – that’s the truth.

    Unfortunately, do what I can on my own mostly. I think a lot of people are in the same position…and I think animal control, HSUS and many others know this – the old divide and conquer attitude.

  12. Despite some of the commentary above. One should be wary of Their funding comes from tobacco companies, large agriculture conglomerates and many corporations seeking to end anything that resembles keeping food safe, regulating big agriculture (I am not talking about the small farmers here but the big, huge agriculture and cattle farms).

    They used a blog post I had written about a local shelter I volunteer at to slam HSUS. The post had nothing to do with HSUS at all. I am always wary of a group that purports to be against one organization when their money comes from multi-national corporations. And, I’m no jihadist either.

  13. Erica

     /  January 14, 2011

    For many years there have been people who have discovered the untruths and misguided information spewed forth form HSUS. We have been given the run around and the excuses to cover their butts. Up until CCF stepped up to bat there was group with the funding that is needed to combat the HSUS. So while there may be those with beef against HumaneWatch due to teh association with CCF – the group of people on HumaneWatch are what makes the group what it truly is…not the people behind the start up of the group! The overwhelming majority of HW is made up of rescuers, farmers, shelter managers/directors & volunteers who are disillusioned with HSUS and have FINALLY found an outlet to come together and help each other in their cause.

    You don’t like CCf – fine – but if it helps keep HSUS in line and accountable then I say go for it. I have made many attempts to get answers from those who support HSUS – mainly on the SHW page….I was banned from their page because I chose to block those poeple who like to engage in personal attacks – and bring people’s families into the discussion. While having my say on their Huamnewatch Info blog they singled out my blog and created anothe rblog for it – so, of course I responded – only to get yet another blog devoted to my response. I have encountered nothing but run around answers – or, in most cases, no answer at all.

    You show me another group that has the funds to go against HSUS – that gives people a place to come together and discuss the HSUS and all the inconsistencies that surround it and I’ll sign up. Problem is that there isn’t any. The message given out by the HW members is an important one – and one that wouldn’t be there if not for the created by CCF. So maybe it takes a group that funds special interest to stop a special interest group that is full of bull.

    At least HumaneWatch gets the TRUTH out there. And for those who insist that we’re just “whores” for CCF….get real. That’s the kind of childish acts of someone who has been backed into a corner and has no other way out other than to attack the people who have forced them into a corner. I am proud to belong to the HW group – and have met many wonderful people through MY expereince!

  14. Jay

     /  January 17, 2011

    I agree with the statements about H$US. My problem is with the request to donate money to local “no-kill” shelters. Yes, the no-kill shelters need help. The high volume shelters who have a huge intake are usually in the rural areas in the south or in the urban areas in the north. The intake in the urban areas is predominantly pit bulls or PB mixes, not easy to place and not easy to house for long periods of time as they are terriers and subject to overstimulation. These shelters deserve more funding so that they can begin new programs to work with these dogs on behavior modification, foster programs and volunteer programs. Most of the no kill shelters are “limited intake” shelters which means that they can pick and choose which dogs they take. Many times they do a temperament evaluation on the dog while the owner waits in the lobby and they determine if the dog stays or goes home with an owner who has already determined that they no longer want the dog. They leave and take the dog to their municipal shelter which has to take it. So I would say, yes donate to your local shelter even if it is a municipal shelter because their budgets have been drastically reduced in the current enviornment but the numbers of animals they are taking in has spun out of control. They need all of the help they can get to try to save more lives. The employees in these shelters do not love animals any less than those in the no-kill shelters.

    • Well said Jay. There is a lot of mis-information out there about no-kills. Open admission shelters are just as worthy as, may be even in MORE need of community help.

    • Thank you Jay.

  15. K G

     /  February 4, 2011

    The “rescues” are also scams who are in it for the money. They haunt shelters and pounds to get animals for the small adoption fee which is charged and then they turn around and sell the same animal for hundreds of dollars more to whoever has the most money during the “application process” (ie. bidding)!!!

    • Shame on you. Do your research. MY Non profit rescue takes broken dogs and fixes them. My shelter helps people that are in foreclosure or have lost there jobs, My shelter offers a spay neuter program. I don’t BUY dogs and rescues do have Medications bills, Vet bills, phone bills, up keep, food bills, insurance bills, payroll for workers and on and on. Do you think for one minute people show up with up to date dogs in good health. Do you think we don’t have medical emergency sugeries, spay/ neuter bills????? Next time you talk either name the rescue you have a problem with or do your research. I hope I have educated you in some way. We would never “bid a dog or cat out”. They go to the best homes in order of applications recieved.

  16. Jessica

     /  April 6, 2011

    Im assuming then that this could be the same for the ASPCA? I watch “Animal Cops” and I love how they get abused/neglected animals out of their homes and give them the medical treatment and homes they deserve, but I dont want to donate money to the ASPCA if its just going towards putting animals down. Are only the animals on the show saved? What about the other 99%??

    • The ASPCA is a good organization but most of their work is in NY. You might want to check out some local rescues to donate to. The people that make the greatest donations are people that visit and see what a rescue does. It’s hard work!

      • Voice of Reason

         /  April 25, 2012

        So you think it’s acceptable to conduct unannounced inspections of people’s private property including their homes? You don’t understand the Bill of Rights that demands a warrant be obtained? – You don’t believe in due process? The A.S.P.C.A. pushed for Texas HB 1451 to name just one of the oppressive bills recently written into law that includes this. Rights can’t be violated just because you don’t like what some people do. Some children are abused but you can’t tromp through people’s homes checking up on them whenever you feel like it. And by the way why would you want dogs forced out into kennels instead of giving birth in a breeder’s home? New regulations demand U.S.D.A. minimum requirements, doesn’t that include a drain in the floor? How does this help animals and why on earth would you support such a thing?

  17. Roger

     /  April 7, 2011

    I don’t believe in giving any organization a “free pass”. I’ve learned to ask for tax forms, annual reports, and who the decision makers are in an organization. Just because a group has off-site adoptions, transports animals, provides food, and speaks for no-kill, I still want to see the money trail. How else would I know how much an organization brings in and where “ALL” the money is spent. The most useful part of your article was “Knowledge is power.”

  18. Roger,

    We have about 125 pets here. I would be happy to let you see the money trail, as all groups should. Just let me know. We could use a donation.

    Richardson Rescue
    York, SC

  19. Barbara Saunders

     /  April 9, 2011

    There are tens of thousands of hunters (not to mention millions of meat eaters) who nevertheless would be allies in the fight to protect pet cats, dogs, and other animals from abuse and unnecessary killing in shelters and to protect the public from mismanagement and fraud by public and nonprofit animal care and control facilities. Not welcoming them to do so amounts to sacrificing those shelter pets for the sake of ideological purity.

  20. Patrick M . Donovan

     /  April 10, 2011

    The work the HSUS does is very important. Nothing gets done without people working for laws protecting animals and without the HSUS sending out investigators there would be far fewer prosecutions. This article seems concerned that the HSUS is anti-breeders. What need is there for breeders with the millions upon millions of homeless cats and dogs.

    • Toni

       /  April 13, 2011

      HSUS’ poorly crafted laws and ballot initiatives are far more about control, PR, fundraising and flexing political muscle than helping animals or solving the problems they claim to care about. HSUS “investigations” have not resulted in more prosecutions or longer sentences. Dogfighting arrests, convictions, and impoundments have gone DOWN every year since the Vick case, with just 700 fighting dogs rescued in 2010. Few were saved by HSUS but Pacelle still claims credit for all of them in HSUS literature and the Annual Report, which is not a legal document and is filled with phony statistics. Pacelle lies about the number of animals rescued and cared for and the money spent directly helping animals. The $200 million, 500,000 member HSUS BEGS well meaning, low-income people for monthly donations, and then exploits them further via telemarketing pleas and special appeals, lying all the time about where donations really go. Tens of millions in fundraising and lobbying expenses (which grossly exceed the legal limits for tax exempt charities) are omitted from their IRS 990s and/or allocated to “field and disaster response.” The entire 12-member HSUS Emergency Response Team resigned in 2009, disgusted by the unethical and illegal practices they were expected to participate in. As key team members predicted, HSUS has been sued for illegal seizures in many states and will likely pay dearly in the Malott and Christensen cases.

      • Bless you Toni for telling the truth. Anyone of you fans of H$U$ want to tell me what H$US did with the 30 million they collected for Katrina ?

      • There is a paid lobbyist/liar by the name of Rick Berman. He is a lobbyist for puppy mills, factory farms, and other cruelty industries. He creates lies and ways to spread them. Humanewatch is Rick Berman. So is PETA Kills Animals. I put HSUS in my will after learning about this lobbyist whose own son calls him Dr Evil.

  21. Megan Oglevie

     /  April 11, 2011

    Dog bless you, Patrick. You speak the truth. Since I first found this site and posted on it many months ago, I’ve come to learn that it’s really nothing more than a place for breeders (who are concerned that their “rights” may be taken away) to bitch about the HSUS. To them it does not matter that the HSUS fights seal clubbing, inhumane farming practices, etc. Good luck getting through to them.

    • I am not a breeder. I worked rescuing animals for almost 40 years. In the early years there were almost no rescues around.
      Be honest with yourself, H$US deceives people with it’s advertising and you know it. Why don’t you ask yourself if H$US care so much for animals why does less than 4% go the actual care of animals ? And about fighting seal clubbing, check this out.

      You are foolish to believe H$US propaganda.

  22. I’m a bit taken back by the harshness of the comments regarding HSUS. No one of us is perfect, no one organization is everything we think it should be. HSUS is a powerful lobbying organization that advocates better protection for all animals. It’s not perfect, the legislation they pass may appear milk toast at times but they have a strategy and are walking a fine line between hard-core, shove-it-in-your-face legislation and one-step-at-a-time, get-it-moving laws.

    I agree that people are confused about HSUS in that often times the public regards HSUS as an “umbrella organization” for shelters.

    Regardless of my differing opinion, I appreciate that you’re posting compelling copy that gets people thinking and researching issues.

    • Their strategy is to make us all vegan and not allow us to own a pet. They have the same end goal as PETA, they just aren’t as vocal about it and they like their profits.

  23. I ran a tiny nonprofit rescue for nearly ten years and even though I went to the pet cons and classes and “networked” with other rescues big and small and made a valiant effort to be informed, I still supported the HSUS in public and personally (the latter in word as my money was going to keep my own barely surviving rescue afloat) because I was one of the countless people who thought the HSUS helped animals. It wasn’t until this year that I started seeing exposes on them and I started to check into it. Boy, did I not like what I saw! I’d been duped and *I* was supposed to be one of the go-to people in my town when it came to knowing what was best for animals! Now I tell everyone. And I will keep doing so until they lose that jackass Pacelle and every one of their board- all of them just as responsible and greedy/negligent as he is. Check this out: HSUS sent me a “free” calendar right at the end of July with a donation envelope. I kept the calendar (like I need another one- why do all charitable orgs think they’re the only ones giving out calendars? If you’re going to send promo crap, then send a pen or something people need!) and scrapped the plea request. A week went by and HSUS sent me another return envelope and tried to guilt me into a donation with “Are you enjoying the free calendar we sent you?” I ignored that too. As of last week, I have received a total of three “Are you enjoying the free calendar” guilt trips. I am only one person but after I read about how much buckage the HSUS gets and how much of that it spends on campaigning to get MORE MONEY, vs. how much actually goes to the Animals, it started adding up. How much of the Animals’ money did HSUS spend on sending out calendars nobody needs followed by three “no postage needed” guilt letters multiplied by Dog knows how many people?! I sat down and emailed HSUS and Pacelle and instructed them to remove me permanently from their game, (still no response, natch) citing the constant greed and dishonesty of their org with examples so they’d know I’m in the loop on their BS. I also told them what I thought about their “fox and henhouse” stunt of taking on a tortuous dog murderer as their mascot. THAT is the main reason I will never support them again. I don’t believe in any kind of forgiveness for animal abusers and there is no penance can be done to right that wrong. Ever. Their entire bogus operation (including Pacelle who appears to be a bogus operation himself) should have been brought to a screeching halt and SHUT DOWN.
    Thank you Nathan for continually working to make people aware of this wolf in a sheep suit.

  24. nanci little

     /  December 8, 2011

    Are you people crazy? HSUS and ASPCA help animals in so many ways and by the MILLIONS. Not by the tens or hundreds even.. by the MILLIONS. Doing the undercover work (are YOU or any of your people willing to work in hellholes, your own sanity and safety at risk, for months?) to expose cruelty that exists and can be exposed in no other way! They fight laws that are BAD (like the horse slaughter) and fight FOR laws that are good (like regulations on puppy mills) and have BOOTS ON THE GROUND at every natural disaster. I saw it first hand here in Homestead after Hurricane Andrew and 3000 animals were lost and abandoned and hurt! No Kill Nation has not lifted one finger down here for one individual animal. They are making money on books and seminars and actively pursuing donations for… what? We all know what has to be done to get pets adopted. NKN just says they need more rescuers to pull from the shelters here in Miami and South Florida.. get the live bodies out the door to get THEIR ‘stats’ up. But we rescuers are all loaded as it is! When 50 dogs walk in the door of MDAS DAILY it is an impossible task. YET, No Kill Nation fights all the mandatory spay and neuter laws and low cost and free spaying programs saying ‘breeding’ is not THE problem. Well, they are just plain nuts, and are obviously being funded in the back door just like Humane Watch is, from those corporations that benefit financially from animal suffering. (catchy name, no? but totally deceptive!) Puppy mills and laboratories love NKN and Humane Watch because they are throwing up a false smokescreen. They say it is not breeding, and it is not the NUMBERS, it is just finding better ways to enhance adoptions (of course) and bring in more rescuers (NOT!). When you don’t address the BIG problem… which IS puppy mill and backyard and indiscriminate breeding.. you are PART of the problem!These two organizations, for many of the same and some different reasons are BOTH part of the problem and both are practicing immoral deception on the animal loving public!

    • Any facts to back up these allegations Nanci?

    • mikken

       /  December 8, 2011

      Wow. And…wow.

    • Hurricane Andrew was in 1992. No kill Shelters did not start till after 1992. Not every animal should be spayed or neutered, most yes but not all.And excuse me but some animal testing should be allowed as much as I dislike it. But it could be done in a much more humane way. I live in Austin Texas and we have a “No kill” shelter. Our adoption rate is over 90%. And there is no breed ban or mandatory spay or neuter laws here. Tho all adopted dogs and cats are spayed or neutered. So ask yourself, what are you people doing wrong that we in Texas are doing right ?

  25. Thanks, Yes Biscuit!

    How Wayne Pacelle sleeps at night while millions of beautiful companion animals are inhumanely slaughtered in ‘shelters’ across the country is beyond comprehension. If the reality of HSUS could live up to its multi-million dollar marketing scheme and work to benefit the ‘boots on the ground’ local shelters.

    Terese – you rock, darlin!!

  26. kraw

     /  January 30, 2012

    I have repeatedly requested HSUS to stop the mailings of unwanted junk. Their response has been to INCREASE mailings and junk daily, sometimes multiple per day.

    I now have to hire trucks to haul away the clutter of unwanted HSUS junk “made in China” or wherever.

    HSUS can take credit for the destruction of habitats and the murder of countless species. If I have enough unwanted garbage from HSUS to top a landfill, I wonder how many millions of people have the same problem.

    How many habitats are being destroyed to accommodate the countless tons of unwanted garbage from HSUS.

    I have always wanted to protect animals, but the tactics of this organization have proven to be evil and harmful to all species.

    • SJ

       /  March 1, 2012

      HSUS would rather waste money on “premiums” aka guilt gifts than spend ihelping animals. Worse, HSUS would rather see animals die than watch a competing animal organization get credit, publicity and donations for saving them (Wilkes County massacre), rehabilitating them (Vick case) or rehoming them (Katrina).

      As long as HSUS gets away with classifying all that junk mail as “program services” on their tax returns, they have no incentive to cut down. As long as Charity Navigator rewards HSUS with a
      4 star rating, they will continue to be a direct mail mill, and even expand their wasteful fundraising operations. Contact Charity Navigator and let them know how you feel about their role in these abuses.

  27. Maybe an easy solution: Why don’t veterinarians help? If every vet donated just one day a month or two to spay or neuter animals, what a difference that would make Spaying and neutering costs in excess of $250 HSUS.ASPCA or PETA – WHAT A JOKE THEY ARE, nothing but a bunch of self worthless jerks .. People should visit their local shelters. They might even fall in love. These animals need our help and sitting back complaining doesn’t do it.

  28. dcr

     /  May 26, 2012

    I would challenge anyone with any question about what HSUS does with their money and where they get it from just to look at their tax returns. It is all in black and white. I researched them for 2 years and determined for myself that they are a fraud based off of their own reports!

  29. Hi. I would like to just add my personal experience with the HSUS staff in my area. I am one of the managers at an area shelter in south MS. We are an emergency placement partner for HSUS and have worked with them on many cruelty and puppy mill cases. They do provide the funds for medical care (for everything from broken limbs to heartworm treatment) for the animals that are seized in connection with their cases as well as housing/food costs. That is fact. I am not saying they are perfect and that I agree 100% with everything they do. What I am saying is that I’ve been up till 4a.m. with our HSUS State Director crawling through mud and muck to try to save animals. I have seen her come out in the middle of a flood to save chained dogs from drowning. I have seen her weep over the ones she was too late to save. The organization, as a whole, may not be to your liking but the people that I personally know that work for HSUS are some of the most compassionate people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion.

    • Jim

       /  October 24, 2012

      Did you know that for every dollar HSUS spends on these cases, they take in at least 20x as much in mass email emergency requests for “urgently needed” donations? Did you know that in the case HSUS touts more than any other in their PR and fundraising literature, they applied for reimbursement of their expenses (over $700,000) as soon as the case was settled? In that 700 cat hoarding case in Florida last year, most of the money they claimed to have spent on the case was spent on themselves.

      There ARE some dedicated state directors, though most are lobbyists. Your state director, caring though she may be, doesn’t have power or even a real budget. The money is controlled by the DC headquarters, which is run by some of the most despicable hucksters in the history of charities.

  30. carol powell

     /  April 3, 2015

    I donate money to HSUS. I’m horrified if this is true but I have my doubts. As far as the monthly gifts are concerned I only had to ask them once to stop delivering them and they never came again. When I still did get them I received 2 T shirts with the picture of a Dalmatian in separate mailings of the same week. It was obviously a fluke but it was also the same week I brought my Dalmatian puppy home. I will look into this but I generally don’t believe bad mouthing mouthers.

  31. M

     /  April 22, 2015

    HSUS never proclaimed that their mission is helping shelters only. They help more than you can imagine or know. Be open about all the info on HSUS. All and not just selective.

  32. CR

     /  August 1, 2015

    To be fair, I believe HSUS operates 1 shelter. And, the end up destroying 9 out of 10 animals who come there.

  33. Beached Paws

     /  September 28, 2015

    HSUS Does have animal shelters/sanctuaries it runs all over the country. They also have an excellent Emergency Placement Partner program that places the animals that rescues or AC cannot handle taking it from their various cruelty/dog fighting/puppy mill seizures. Find out your facts first …

    • Jim

       /  October 12, 2015

      HSUS does not run a single PET shelter anywhere in the world. Use of the word shelter” is misleading at best. So stop. HSUS inherited sanctuaries (along with $20 million in assets) when it “merged” with the Fund for Animals a decade ago. Thanks to HSUS’s legal loophole shenanigans, it is a merger in name only. Pacelle calls it a “partial merger,” a “corporate combo” and/or a “controlled affiliate” depending on who he is speaking to. HSUS’s target demographic, the elderly and gullible, end up donating to both the Fund and HSUS for the same programs. HSUS claims to run the sanctuaries along with the Fund, but that is just another scam aimed at raising money twice for the same facilities. The Fund for Animals still lists an address in NYC and fundraises separately via direct mail and telemarketing. The HSUS’s tax returns show a grant of $5000 to the Fund, but that does not justify double dipping. So stop pretending it does.

      YesBiscuit has exposed several HSUS “Emergency Placement Partners for the cruel and dysfunctional kill centers they are. Do some checking before regurgitating the HSUS drivel. HSUS only shows up when the number of animals is large enough that they can swoop in with cameras, get the press releases out taking full credit, and raise far more money than it will spend on their miniscule (volunteer-provided) humane work.

      Finally, HSUS’s Manager of Puppy Mill Response, the unqualified and inexperienced Tia Pope was arrested several months ago for embezzling $30,000 from HSUS. That shines a spotlight on what HSUS’s “animal rescue” work is all about. To avoid further scutiny, HSUS paid her off to move to Atlanta, where she is trying to make it as a plus-sized model.

  34. Tammie

     /  April 7, 2017

    So sorry I have to agree they are corporate a money tree for their own use I have been trying to get their attention on my dog being butchered by Mr Jerry Clase of Kosciusko County about 3 weeks ago absolutely no one is really concerned

  1. HSUS needs help figuring out how to get animals adopted (and other news from Surry County) | FixNC
  2. HSUS Revealed « Escaping The Tower


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