The Truth about PETA

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) does a few good things for animals.  Sadly, those few good things are squashed into the dirt under the overwhelming weight of their massive pet killing.  How massive are we talking?

  • In 2011, PETA took in 1992 dogs and cats.  They live released 15 cats and 54 dogs – some of whom were transferred to other facilities which also kill animals – and killed 1911.  That’s a 96% kill rate for dogs and cats.
  • In 2010, PETA took in 2345 dogs and cats.  They found homes for 44 of them and killed 2200.  That’s an adoption rate of 1.8% and a kill rate of 94%.  As in previous years, they transferred several pets to other facilities and it is unknown whether those pets survived.
  • In 2009, PETA took in 2366 pets.  They found homes for 8 and killed 2301.  That’s an adoption rate of .34% and a kill rate of 97%.
  • In 2008, PETA took in 2216 pets.  They found homes for 7 and killed 2124.  That’s an adoption rate of .32% and a kill rate of 96%.

PETA kills almost every single pet that crosses its VA slaughterhouse threshold (where I assume a sign hangs over the doorway:  Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.)

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The Butcher of Norfolk – Nathan Winograd

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PETA’s official annual pet killing reports to the government of Virginia:

2006:  97% kill rate  (PETA falsely inflated its “reclaimed by owners” numbers, counting pets held temporarily for spay-neuter as impounds, until the state of VA put a stop to that in 2009.)

2007:  91% kill rate

2008:  96% kill rate

2009:  97% kill rate

2010:  94% kill rate

2011:  96% kill rate

2012:  89% kill rate

2013:  82% kill rate

2014:  81% kill rate

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  1. Blair

     /  December 13, 2010

    Please update your numbers. If PETA has an adoption rate of .34%, a kill rate of 97%, where is the other 2.7%? I think you mean PETA has a kill rate of 99.7%….while its a small difference in numbers it can really emphasize even more how PETA is not the friend of animals.

    • The numbers are accurate. If you look at the actual reports, you will see that PETA transfers a small number of pets. Their fates are unknown so we can’t count them in the kill stats as you suggest.

  2. Garry

     /  December 15, 2010

    Their latest great deed is saving a couple of monkeys from radiation, yet they can’t find the heart or effort or time to rehome several thousand pets??? PETA, rethink your priorities. It’s a massive mixed message. Are only some species important to you???

    • Erich Riesenberg

       /  December 15, 2010

      No, I think it has to do with wild animals versus PETA’s plan for domestic pets.

  3. dee

     /  December 28, 2010

    since every animal is being slaughtered i am pulling my donations to peta. and finding a loving truth telling animal loving company like cons and dogs or shortie wood any thing but these fools

    • sandie boscia

       /  April 6, 2011

      Iagree you about pulling and making any future donations to them…

  4. Rosemarie Andlauer

     /  April 27, 2011

    No more PETA donations from me!!!

  5. Sarah

     /  May 11, 2011

    Thank you for the information at:

    I am withdrawing my support from these companies. More importantly, I am letting each company know.

    I hope every commenter will follow up on YesBiscuit!’s excellent work and contact every company that supports PETA.

  6. Vancouverrite

     /  July 5, 2011

    No more PETA support from me!!!

  7. Morgan

     /  July 19, 2011

    What are their justifications for these numbers? Do they have any?

    • They seem to think it’s kinder to kill most pets than to rehome them. I feel pretty certain the pets would disagree.

  8. Thank you for helping spread awareness about Peta.

  9. Tammy

     /  November 22, 2011

    Well back in 1982 the Evansville Humane Society put about the same number to sleep. Someone would bring in a litter of puppies (8) and as soon as the persons left we took one of each from the litter. (1-female and 1-male) and took the rest back and put them to sleep. I was in high school and at the time it upset me but the answers we got from the supervisors had been we did peoples dirty work because they are too lazy to take care of their pets and spay or neuter their pets. It’s still true for 85% that are taken to shelters now even though we try to find homes. The shelters are doing the dirty work for the owners who are not responsible enough to have pets.

    • mikken

       /  November 22, 2011


      It doesn’t work like that. It has never worked. That’s why the new models are so desperately needed. Because you can never reduce kill rates if you continue to just blame the public and kill for space. Time has proven it. Hell, decades have proven it.

      Blaming the public for being too “irresponsible” to own pets is counter-productive. If you want to stop the killing, you have to change your approach.

      • If your hope for the future is to continue picking 2 pups out of a litter for the staff and then killing the rest, keep doing as you have been – blaming the public. If your hope is to save the entire litter – you’ll need to change what you’ve been doing.

  10. Support your LOCAL shelters with old blankets, pet toys, food donations and look into foster opportunities. Support breed-specific rescue groups and screw these ‘Big Box Rescues’!

    The saving of our companion animals, as PETA and HSUS’ advertising campaigns claim, is analogous to the Emperor’s new clothes – merely an illusion.

  11. Paul J

     /  January 28, 2012

    While agreeing that the death of 2000-2500 dogs and cats in a year is sad. The fact is that 10,000 dogs alone are killed in the US every single DAY! I think that rather puts this figure into proportion. I disagree with a lot of what PETA does. But, I feel that the good work they do far outweighs the bad. Thousands of people have adopted a vegetarian diet directly because of information provided by PETA. Their investigations have got animal testing facilities closed, and staff charged with animal cruelty. They are an excellent source of information on every aspect of animal abuse. No other organisation can compare. Personally, I think our time and energy is much better spent focusing directly upon those who are killing millions of animals per year.

    • Cynthia DeVoe

       /  February 24, 2012

      So you’re saying a couple thousand a year don’t count? And I guess you’re going to call yourself an animal lover, too. What an idiot!

      • Paul J

         /  March 6, 2012

        Read the very first sentence of my comment again, idiot! And, no, I’m certainly not an ‘animal lover’. I’m an animal rights activist with over 30 years experience. I just know that when animal groups which share broadly the same objectives bicker and argue amongst each other only the opposition wins. Divide and rule has always been a very successful tactic. Far too many people constantly criticising PETA, instead of joining together to attack the true enemy, the animal abuse industries. The fact is that shelters are packed to bursting point with animals which there are no homes for. The no kill shelters are full too. Meanwhile, breeders intentionally churn out thousands and thousands more animals each week. Until this is addressed the situation will continue.

  12. There’s always a down side to everything.. I’ve seen it all, killing of animals, neglect and cruelty. We all wish we could save them all. I get frustrated and discussted with they way animals are treated. It’s supper sad, and I cry often when seeing and reading about and then seeing the end result on cruelty and neglect. I have tryed to help people who’s animals are in distress, matted fur and chained up with no food bedding and green water to drink I’ve seen emaciated dogs with there emaciated pups. Dog fighting

    • I wasn’t quit finished my comment, I accidentally touched the send button. But to finish my comment. I’ve seen dog fighting, cats roaming with diseases and loaded with parasites. All of these I’ve spoke about I offered food, vet care paying with my own money, bedding, treats, fresh water fostered dogs rescued a blind cat. I could go on and on, seriously!!!! This all in one county in Virginia. For the most part my actions were not appreciated. But i didnt do it for the owners or for any person. I did it for the animals. I’m proud to be an animal advocate. I’m a proffessional dog trainer and behavioralist. I am also a certified vet assistant.. i commend everyone who helps animals in distress. Let’s not condemn eachother or get angry with one another. Were all here for the same reasons. We need to come together and find common ground. And together we can make new stricter laws to stop and end this. Thanks for listening:)

  13. sheri

     /  February 27, 2012

    Many times if called a no-kill shelter will say they are full and most are, but many of them have a place to drop off strays and leave a note about them without any human contact between shelter workers and the people who found the dog. They usually hope that if you are calling about a place to take the dog she is already being cared for by you and is not high priority.

  14. Simi

     /  March 4, 2012

    Peta – this does not work for me!
    I will terminate my membership with your group. I always though, that I support 100% animal lovers.
    Will stick to my local animal help organisation in Germany. They do not kill animals.
    Very sadly,

  15. commonsense

     /  March 24, 2012

    Okay you guys, here’s why they kill (or should I say put down) a lot of animals they take in. it’s because many of the animals they take are so traumatized and abused that they’re pretty much either terrified of humans or they’re vicious to humans (and probably dangerous around other animals.) Now, if you talk to any person in animal services, etc. they’ll tell you that it’s always better to put an animal out of their misery in this cruel world than have them living a nightmare (this is only in some cases). PETA is just trying to help them have a few peaceful last days of their lives or find them forever homes. Next time, use your common sense before you run your mouth about organizations with good intentions. Your welcome.

  16. Commonsense. This is what is so outrageous, the animals PETA kills are healthy adoptable animal. Ingrid said Quote Washington Post “she has no reverence for life.” That says it all!
    Back in the early 1990s Alex and Ingrid rescued some roosters and rabbits from research. They Killed all of them. The number of animals totalwas about 30 if not less. Why did they kill these animals? They deserved to die because people used them for experiments. How heartless. It is unknown how many non-domestic animals PETA has killed. It is common knowledge you rescue any type of animal it is your problem what to do with them. PETA only exposes people. Most of the incidents PETA advocates can be found at other sites, there is nothing new.
    PETA isn’t a government, they cannot punish anyone for crimes against animals, including their own.
    They also toot their own horn over things which are dismal. Example, they start a protest against Air France shipping One cargo of primates to Canada. So we, the real activists, protest, via emails, sign petitions. consequently Air France canceled the shipment. PETA claimed a victory and Air France was hailed as compassionate.
    But wait a minute—ooops–the primates were shipped to Canada. Just at another time and possibly by another cargo plane. now what is wrong with the whole hoopla?
    Simple, the real problem wasn’t primates being shipped anywhere. The problem is those who breed the animals. These are the people that should be targeted–problem=solution. PETA did nothing for research animals.
    Here in the United states there are many facilities that raise animals for research. Why isn’t PETA going after this industry?
    WHOOPS PETA scammed all of those who felt they had really accomplished something with AiR France. I know I received an email from them proclaiming the victory and asking for donations!.
    Possible or allegedly someone very foolish would keep sending those donations, don’t look for PETA to save any lives, most of their activities are self-serving. I am not saying don’t give them money, but myself I will never give them another cent. I look to Mercy for Animals to grow.
    PETA is losing a lot of its credibilty.. How can anyone who has no reverence for life be truly interested is saving lives.
    Look up their use of donated fur coats, the skin of dead animals, as another ploy. When faced with their own agenda those little dead animals work out great. Giving coats to the poor, sprayed with black paint, or sending the coats to the Mideast. They are using these poor creatures to advocate for themselves. Ingrid thinks it is amusing that homeless people are wearing fur, she thinks the wealthy will feel a loss of status. She forgot they don’t care about old discarded coats sprayed black. Their apparel comes with clothes, shoes, jewelry, hats, glove, perfumes, makeup, fancy homes, cars, airplanes, boats etc–there is no comparison. How dare Ingrid use the homeless in such a way as to suggest these people are lesser souls then people with money.

  17. Cathy Adrian

     /  May 21, 2012

    Upon reading how many pets are taken in and how many are killed, I wonder what exactly does this organization do?! I always thought PETA advocated for animals; not destroy them. Is there even an attempt to adopt these poor homeless babies out? I’m sickened by the history of adoptions versus deaths and it makes me see this organization in a whole different light. I see a political organization with double standards!

    • db

       /  May 21, 2012

      peta’s philosophy is no animal is “used” by people for any reason – including pets in a person’s home. Their slogan is “better off dead”! Kind of surprising how much money they manage to bring in and still kill most of the cats and dogs who are surrendered to them (with the people thinking they would be adopted out).

    • mikken

       /  May 21, 2012

      Cathy, they’re a fundraising organization posing as animal advocates. Their primary goal is to make money. They are run by a person who has openly stated that she does not believe that animals “have a right to live”. She has personally killed thousands of healthy animals and say she sleeps better at night for it. They are looney tunes – do not give them your money, your support, or your respect.

  18. Geez. I always knew peta was bad and that they believed animals shouldn’t really be pets, but I didn’t realize that they actually took in adoptable animals and euthanized them. I thought they were too busy running around with red paint. These numbers are chilling! I’ll have to start rallying all my people against peta even more than I already had!

  19. Alexandra Yurkovsky

     /  May 26, 2013

    I’m a volunteer dog-walker at our local pound, and an all-around animal activist (I also feed my dog V-Dog vegan food–and my vet and Marion Nestle agree it’s the nutrients, and his blood panels last two years are great). I’ve also been a supporter of both PETA and Olympic, and I can see the similar issues. E.g. PETA sent out an email some months ago with graphic photos of horrifically abused animals they’d taken in that couldn’t be healed. Yes, this could be diversionary and incomplete; (and I don’t like their stand on crates and, in the past at least, pit bulls). But, again, it reminds me of the various complaints about Olympic. I’ve correspnded with Steve over the years, after a partly rehabbed fear-biter I was working with almost made it to him…able to work with such animals, I understand and utterly applaud his outlook. And I understand the fact that animals can do well or need crates, that photos can be deceptive, etc. Still, I’ve written to him and his treasurer, expressing my understanding and basic support of his mission (and having seen the balanced news report link on the site), but asking for some rebuttal or comment on the photos–and nothing.
    I honestly want to believe in Olympic (more than I need to believe in Peta, although they’re right in their basic criticisms). But I am going more in the direction of believing that charities are not the way to change anything…and after Spindletop, etc. etc….
    YesBiscuit, you seem to know the group or Steve himself well. If you’d like to email me personally as well as respond, I’d appreciate further dialog. The unadoptable dogs of this world are my children (indeed, my therapy dog Roger is–or was–one of them).

  20. John J

     /  June 2, 2015

    What’s the tally for 2014?

  21. Alyce James

     /  February 13, 2016

    What would it take to shut these agencies down? It is clearly misappropriation of funds. What do they do with the funds they collect?

  22. sic the IRS on them…(501(c)3).

  23. Joseph

     /  March 18, 2017

    Thank you for this information. They will NEVER receive a solid red cent for me again.



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