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The Tsunami of Pets from MS and AR to Memphis

Mayor Wharton says:

“We will stand up and take responsibility for our shortcomings, but when will this region?” asked Wharton.  “And I say region because we take in pets from Arkansas and other counties in Mississippi.”

I have a copy of the MAS stats from Jan 1 thru March 21, 2011.  They are broken down by geographic location so I wanted to go through all the categories and add up the total number of pets MAS took in from Arkansas and Mississippi during this time period.

So let’s see… [muttering under breath] carry the 5… times by 7… add 3…

K – got it.  Here are the numbers:

During the period from January 1 through March 21, 2011, MAS took in 1 owner surrendered dog from MS, 1 stray dog from MS and zero pets from AR.

Total Intake from MS and AR:  2

During this same period, 1 dog was adopted out to MS so that kind of washes half the MS intake to my mind.

Total Adopted out to MS and AR:  1

As usual, I’ll ask that somebody double check my math…

For a little perspective on these numbers, MAS killed 1373 dogs during this time period listed as “Memphis”.  But what the hell, let’s join with Mayor Wharton in condemning the pet owners of MS and AR:  Damn you people!  When are you going to stand up and take responsibility for that 1 dog?

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