Treats on the Internets

TN taxpayers still paying the salaries of suspended Memphis Animal Shelter staffKC Dog Blog: The False Solace of VilificationSC Lt. Gov. Bauer finds himself in a hole, keeps diggingLAFD defends rescue of German Shepherd from L.A. RiverPet Connection: Do Animals Need Laws Protecting Them from Shelters?Chicago requiring criminal background checks & fingerprinting for shelter volunteersAnyone … Continue reading Treats on the Internets

You Learn Something New Every Day, Screwworm Edition

I'm not familiar with screwworms but apparently they are as nasty as they sound (pdf):Screwworms are fly larvae (maggots) that feed on living flesh. These parasites infest all mammals and, rarely, birds.[...]Female flies lay their eggs at the edges of wounds or on mucous membranes. When they hatch, the larvae enter the body, grow and … Continue reading You Learn Something New Every Day, Screwworm Edition