Random Bits of Westminster Kennel Club History

From the cover of The Dog Fancier, April 1913 Entries by breed for the first ten years of the Westminster Kennel Club show. Citation: Anon. (1886, May 13). The New York show. Forest and Stream, pp. 311-313 Forest and Stream's anonymous correspondent(s) for the tenth anniversary Westminster Kennel Club show dubbed the judging "the worst … Continue reading Random Bits of Westminster Kennel Club History

A Lick of History

The following are excerpted from a lengthy piece on Helen Keller, written when she was still a child, appearing in a magazine for children. An entry from her diary: A letter in which she mentions her pets: Source: Hall, F. H. (1889, September). Helen Keller. St. Nicholas, pp. 834-843

Vintage Beagles VII

An interesting breed description from 1872 which includes reference to rough-coats: Source: Webb, H. (1872). Dogs: their points, whims, instincts, and peculiarities. London, England: Dean & Son Illustration by John Sturgess.Source: Beaufort, H.C.F.S., 8th Duke of and Morris, M.W. (1885). Hunting. Boston, Massachusetts: Little, Brown, and Co A list of beagle sales recorded in the … Continue reading Vintage Beagles VII