Vintage Book Images: The Beagle in America and England

The Beagle in America and England by Henry Wilson Prentice was published in 1920 and is rich with photos of the day including individual dogs, packs and members of beagle clubs. There are a few nice illustrations as well:

Four by Gustav Muss-Arnolt
Artist: signature looks like Tallman

I didn’t see any rough coated beagles among the photos (boo) but still plenty of nice shots, including a number of small dogs.

I love them.

6 thoughts on “Vintage Book Images: The Beagle in America and England

  1. Such diversity in these pictures. Not like today’s show beagles, which seem to have such uniformity in their looks.

  2. I have a beautiful pocket Beagle. I’ve heard two origin stories about pocket Beagles: one, they were bred down from 13-15” Beagles and, the other, to me the more rational, the Beagle originated as a very small hound (my boy is 14# and about 9” tall), all the better to go through bushes and undergrowth, and bred up to the now “acceptable” 13” & 15” sizes.
    Have heard or know which is true or are they both mostly myth?

    1. There is no definitive origin story for the breed but I tend to believe there were an array of sizes early on and breeders selected for the size they preferred with some preferring the pocket or toy beagle. By the time it came to creating a breed standard, the powers that be settled on just two size descriptions. I would love to see a picture of your dog btw!

      1. This is Remi, after the rat chef in Ratatouille, but spelled wrong. He thinks he’s a Bloodhound, and slings slime every so often “on the hunt.” 14#, about 9” tall. Likes indoor parkour! Quite a wonderful character.

        All will be well, Roberta R. Beach

      2. Try again. Remi on left with his Maxi-Me blind Coonhound brother.

        All will be well, Roberta R. Beach

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