TN Aquarium Threatened by Fire, Animals Left Inside

In the argument over keeping wild animals captive for public display and corporate profit, here’s one for the CON side of the ledger:  More than 10,500 animals at the Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies are on their own after staff was forced to evacuate when the Gatlinburg wildfire came within 50 feet of the structure last night.  At this time, the building is still standing and security webcams are reportedly still broadcasting.  The aquarium has generators to maintain power so the animals can survive, at least until the fuel runs out.  But there is no one there to feed, medicate or assist any animals in need.

Some of the animals at this aquarium:  penguins, stingrays, sea turtles, sharks, octopuses and clownfish.  A live penguin cam, offered on the Ripley website, says “video unavailable” this morning.  I guess the corporation doesn’t want a live internet feed of whatever may happen to the penguins.

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A little autumn action.

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CA Rescue Group Adopts Dog Then Steals Him from Adopter


Blinky, as shown on the website.

A rescue scenario many of us can relate to:

A woman fell in love with a dog she met at a CA adoption event in early September.  She filled out an application, answering all questions truthfully, including that she had a full time job and no other pets.  She was approved, paid the $300 fee and took the dog home.  She renamed him, considering him part of her family now.  She bought him chew toys and doggie clothes in addition to knitting him a sweater herself.  She promised to protect him for the rest of his life.

Sound familiar?  I have been in those shoes.  But then:

After 3 weeks with her new family member, representatives from the rescue group came by the woman’s home.  They informed the adopter that her truthful answers on her adoption application were disqualifying.  The dog required someone to stay at home with him every day and he required other pets to play with.  His new name was unacceptable, as was the fact that the woman allowed him to snooze on the couch.  The woman was stunned.  One of the reps asked if she could hold the dog and the owner agreed.  The rescue reps then ran from the home, carrying the woman’s pet with them.

The woman is heartbroken and told a local reporter she loves her dog Blinky with all her “heart and soul”.  She feels she failed him.

HALO, the rescue group that stole Blinky from his owner, said this when contacted by the media:

“We are taking this matter very seriously but just need to follow the proper channels before we can make a public statement. Please allow us our time to do our due diligence. The adopters check was never cashed and returned to her immediately.”

I have searched for news updates on this story but haven’t found any. I have also found what appear to be a website and a Facebook page for the rescue group but neither had any information on Blinky. If anyone knows what happened to Blinky, please post a comment.

Stories such as this, while they are the exception and not the rule, happen far too frequently.  They discourage adoption and turn the public off rescuing.  When pet lovers are driven away from adoption, they get their pets from other sources – usually those which rescues like to shame people for using.  If you don’t like the effect, stop contributing to the cause.

Human beings are fallible.  I hope in this case, the HALO reps realize they were the ones who were at fault, not the owner, and do the right thing to get Blinky home.

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What Are Your Pets Eating Today?

Are you making a special meal for your animals? Table scraps? Any recipes you’d like to share?

I made some pumpkin biscuits for the dogs but might make something else too, if I ever get out of my pajamas and get moving.  Whatever you are doing today, I hope you are doing it happily and without creating too many dirty dishes.


Newt, stalking a shedding lizard, which she would probably like to have for a holiday snack.

Name That Animal

Especially for those who are prepping for a giant meal, here is a lovely photo.  This is just for fun and the only rule is:  no researching.  Post your guesses in the comments.  Reading other people’s answers before posting your own will make your relatives even angrier than is usual for a holiday is optional.  Answer will be posted in the comments tomorrow.



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Yes ok I will humor you lady with twig. Look I’m playing tug, oh your strength is overwhelming, grr, etc.

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CT Pet Importers Charged for Violating State Law

The shelter manager and the executive director of the Little Guild of St. Francis animal shelter in CT were each charged with eight counts of failure to maintain examination records and eight counts of importing pets without health certificates. The women reportedly traveled regularly to out of state shelters to obtain animals.

The charges stem from an investigation by the state which alleges that some of the imported shelter pets were sick, others were not vaccinated for rabies.  Both women had spoken with police about the state laws regarding animal importation multiple times and had the requirements explained to them.  They allegedly told police they would stop importing animals in violation of the law.  A written warning was issued to them in October.

Following their arrests, the shelter manager resigned and the executive director is planning to resign.  They are due to enter their pleas in court on December 1.

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Shelter Pet of the Day – Brooklyn

I have no idea why this gorgeous cat named Chloe is on the kill list at the Brooklyn shelter and I am not going to read their assplanation either.  I just love her face and hope someone who can adopt her loves her face too.  Please share her with your friends on social media.


Chloe, ID #A1096220 at the Brooklyn Animal Care Center in NY

Brooklyn ACC
2336 Linden Blvd.
Brooklyn, NY 11208
Phone: 311 (212-788-4000 if outside NYC)