Breed Profiles from House and Garden, 1914

House and Garden printed a few breed articles by Williams Haynes in 1914, highlights and links to full articles below. [Note: Any turn of the century dog article may contain offensive stereotypes, racial slurs and other objectionable material. I make every effort to avoid including hateful text and images on the blog but do occasionally … Continue reading Breed Profiles from House and Garden, 1914

Vintage Dogs: Random II

Dogdom, March 1911 Dogdom, March 1911 Dogdom, April 1911 Dogdom, May 1911 The Dog Fancier, March 1920 The Dog Fancier, July 1920 A 9 month old white collie pictured in The Dog Fancier, March 1921 Dogdom, June 1921 Dogdom, August 1921 Dogdom, September 1921 Dogdom, November 1921 Dogdom, January 1922