Vintage Dog Photos I Just Like II

Western Field, March 1906
Western Field, March 1906
I like the look of Welsh springer spaniels. Leighton, R. (1907). The new book of the dog. London, England: Cassell
Would pet.
From The Dog Fancier, September 1907
An unidentified English setter pictured in the book Field Trial Record of Dogs in America by Maj. J.M. Taylor, 1907
Due credit for the training behind this shot. Dogdom, June 1911
Photo by Grace Aspinwall.
Contents page. (1912, October). House and Garden, p. 197.
Photo by Grace Aspinwall.
Contents page. (1913, July). House and Garden, p. 9.
Norman, A. (February 1915). Airedale the all-round dog. House and Garden, pp. 83-85
Haynes, W. (March 1915). Real Irish. House and Garden, pp. 165-167
A pretty, young dog in Dogdom, August 1916.
A classic wirehaired fox terrier look on this English import in The Dog Fancier, December 1920
I like this collie’s look. From The Dog Fancier, March 1920

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