Vintage Puppies

I've lost count on what number this is in the series. Let's just say it's number more-again. Source: Voogt, G. D. (1907).  Our domestic animals, their habits, intelligence and usefulness. Boston, Massachusetts: Ginn & Co. Two images from: Anon. (1919, March). The sagacity and courage of dogs. The National Geographic Magazine, pp. 253-274 Adorable Sealy … Continue reading Vintage Puppies

The Animals and People of 1917 Scotland

The November-December 1917 issue of The National Geographic Magazine is full of grim coverage of the war. In its midst, this gorgeous untitled photo essay appears depicting the domesticated animals of Scotland, many including people. These photos, all by William Reid, are my favorites from the piece: "Sporting dogs of Aberfoyle, Perthshire" The little terrier … Continue reading The Animals and People of 1917 Scotland