More Vintage Irish Setters

We’re visiting the U. K. in the next several posts, starting with one of the breeds originating in Ireland.

A brief introduction:

Setters in Ireland are, or used to be, termed English Spaniels. Mr. Thornhill thus describes the crack Setters in that Country; colours deep chestnut and white, or all red, with the nose and roof of the mouth black.

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A gorgeous sketch by Baer of an Irish setter called Roger in St. Nicholas magazine, May 1889.
From Outing Magazine, November 1889
Although this photo of Tim was included in the first post on vintage Irish setters, this image is clearer and worth a repeat.
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Two images used to represent the breed in the book:
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Western Field, April 1906
An image used to represent the breed in the book:
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“Ch. Tyronne Paddy”
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Wizbang Chummiebelle (left) and Wizbang Buntiebelle
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An ad in the classifieds in Forest and Stream, September 17, 1885

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