Vintage Dogs on Chairs

The St. Bernard Duke of Somerset.
Source: Bolton, S. K. (1902). Our devoted friend: the dog. Boston, Massachusetts: L. C. Page & Company.
Dogdom, May 1909
Source: Smith, A. C. (1909). Everyman’s book of the dog. London, England: Hodder and Stoughton
Dogdom, June 1911
Dogdom, September 1911
Dogdom, October 1911
Dogdom, January 1912
Dogdom, March 1913
Dogdom, June 1913
Dogdom, September 1913
Dogdom, October 1913
Photo taken by a child for a contest in St. Nicholas magazine, December 1915

Honorable Mention:

Lytton, J. (1911). Toy dogs and their ancestors. New York, New York: D. Appleton and Company

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