Vintage Samoyeds

During the period from which these images are taken, the breed name was usually spelled with an e on the end.

Image from:
Leighton, R. (1907). The new book of the dog. London, England: Cassell
An image used to represent the breed in the book: Shaw, V.K. (1913). The encyclopaedia of the kennel. London, England: George Routledge & Sons, Limited
Breed representative in the book:
Mason, W. E. (1915). Dogs of all nations. [S.l., s.n.]
Dogdom, May 1918
Dogdom, December 1918
Fuertes, L.A. (1919). The book of dogs. Washington, D.C.: The National Geographic Society
The Dog Fancier, September 1920
“Ch. Monstan of Argentian”
Source: Bruette, W.A. (1921). The complete dog book. Cincinnati, Ohio: Stewart Kidd Company
Dogdom, October 1921
Leighton, R. (1922). The complete book of the dog. London: Cassell and Company, Ltd.
Image used to represent the breed in the book:
Judy, W. L. (1925). The dog encyclopedia: a complete reference work on dogs. Chicago, Illinois: Judy Publishing Company.
Ch. Dobrynia pictured in:
Bowers, F. (1936). The dog owner’s handbook. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.
Country Life, June 1919
Dogdom, November 1921

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