Name That Animal

This is just for fun and the only rule is:  no researching.  Post your smartest or, if you are playing on my level, embarrassing guesses in the comments.  Reading other people's answers before posting your own is inconceivable! optional.  Answer will be posted in the comments tonight.

ASPCA All Done with Bunny Publicity Now

In January and February 2015, the ASPCA and NYPD seized 175 rabbits from a woman in Brooklyn.  The rabbits were reportedly living outdoors, suffering from syphilis, conjunctivitis and other illnesses.  Logo jackets were donned, sad rabbits were displayed, photographs were taken and presumably, donations were collected.  Since the seizure, approximately 60 more bunnies have been born.  And the bills … Continue reading ASPCA All Done with Bunny Publicity Now

Lost, Microchipped Pets – Emphasis on LOST

In theory, microchipping your pet is an excellent way to help get him back home should he ever get lost.  In reality, microchips are useless if the organization taking in lost pets doesn't scan for them or contact the registered owner (and the alternate contacts, if necessary).  There have been a spate of stories recently involving … Continue reading Lost, Microchipped Pets – Emphasis on LOST