ASPCA All Done with Bunny Publicity Now

In January and February 2015, the ASPCA and NYPD seized 175 rabbits from a woman in Brooklyn.  The rabbits were reportedly living outdoors, suffering from syphilis, conjunctivitis and other illnesses.  Logo jackets were donned, sad rabbits were displayed, photographs were taken and presumably, donations were collected.  Since the seizure, approximately 60 more bunnies have been born.  And the bills for housing the animals have been adding up all these months.

The owner was charged with animal cruelty but has yet to go to trial.  She has claimed the rabbits were part of a breeding scheme, designed to produce pastel colored bunnies and make her a multi-millionaire.  I wonder where she got the wacky idea that there are millions to be made off animals.

The ASPCA sent an attorney to a bond hearing in the case last week to fight for permission from the judge to kill the seized animals.  The judge ruled in favor of the bunnies:

“None of the rabbits shall be killed,” the judge order, adding, “If they die of natural causes that’s one thing, but if they need to be euthanized you need a further order.”

One of the animal advocates closely involved with the case said on social media that the “ASPCA lawyer jumped to her feet to argue for him to change his mind” but the judge did not waiver.  I always wondered what it would take to get the ASPCA to jump in response to an animal case.  Now I know.  

The judge ordered the owner to pay the ASPCA for the cost of caring for the rabbits but it’s not known if or when that might happen.

Anyhoo, so tragic.  The ASPCA is going to have to actually do their jobs and prevent cruelty to animals instead of inflicting it via mass bunny killing.  And they’re going to have to open up their fat wallet and part with some dollars too.  *single tear*   

(Thanks Nathan for sending me this story.)

17 thoughts on “ASPCA All Done with Bunny Publicity Now

    1. Wild rabbits are different than domesticated ones. Domesticated rabbits should be kept out of heat over 80 f and extreme cold. They should be inside away from predators, etc.

  1. Owner should request a hearing to determine the amount f care expenses, as the group has shamelessly fundraised off the event- since they are accepting donations that were earmarked for the rabbits, and not expending their own resources, the amount of care expense resititution should be offset by the funds donated.

  2. YES!!! It’s about time that someone stood up to the ASPCA and other big-money, high-kill organizations. Guess the ASPCA thought they had outlived their usefulness as a fund raiser . . . off to the next one.

  3. It’s all I can do to keep from barfing at those TV tearjerkers. I can’t change channels fast enough. Keep spreading the word. I didn’t know about the bunnies

  4. I can understand it if there are animals suffering and their suffering cannot be relieved by any means other than euthanasia, but since this is the first time the ASPCA has requested the right to kill the rabbits, I’m going to have to go with “convenience killing” rather than true euthanasia. Gosh, I hope they fundraised enough for keeping the buns. Otherwise, they might run out of money – bwahahahahaha! As if.

  5. I wonder how many opposed to the euthanasia actually support the ASPCA monetarily or in any other way offer to help these rabbits? Easy to condemn others when you have a screen to hide behind as an armchair activist. Take a long look in the middle and ask yourself what you are willing to do to help these and other animals before condemning societies who sometimes have no.choice but euthanasia due to insufficient support from the public (he’s, I AM referring to YOU!)

    1. No choice but killing? Take a good look at the ASPCA’s bank account and see how much they raise vs how much they actually spend on the animals. Taking care of these bunnies should be pretty easy for a multi-million dollar “animal welfare” organization.

    2. None of us are opposed to euthanasia.

      All of us are opposed to convenience killing.

      You may want to read up on the difference before you back an organization that has BIG $$$ yet chooses not to spend it caring for bunnies.

    3. Are you saying that it takes more than $150 million to care for and rehome a bunch of bunnies? Are you saying that the people who provided the ASPCA with that multi-million dollar budget are ok with their killing the bunnies? (And how would you know?)

    4. Amanda,

      Ah…the old “Let’s blame the public, though WE (or “they”) had a choice to kill or save, and chose to kill” cop out. That B.S. serves the killers, never the victims.

  6. Dear ASPCA,

    It’s not a “rescue” if you murder those who were “rescued”. Just thought you’d enjoy some logic. Oreo wasn’t “rescued”, she was murdered by YOU


    Someone Who Misses Henry Bergh

  7. Amanda – The ASPCA is a WEALTHY organization and the root cause of the mass epidemic of animals throughout NYC and the United States. The public foolishly gives money to the ASPCA while their local shelters struggle. The following from a contractor working for the ASPCA- “money is no object with the ASPCA”, a statement from an employee “the ASPCA has so much money does not know what to do with it”. If you think the ASPCA/President cares about animals you are mistaken. First and foremost, the ASPCA did not have to take the rabbits, they chose to take the rabbits and make no mistake about it, they received money fundraising.

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