Vintage Dog Book Images: Beaglemania

Going big for the grand finale of vintage dog book week on the blog: a selection of beagle images.

From the book Dogs, Their Origin and Varieties by H.D. Richardson, 1874

(Panniers are basket or box type structures slung over the back of a horse or attached to the sides of a bicycle. How I would love to see a pack of beagles carried in a pair of those!)

From the book The Sporting Dog by Joseph Alexander Graham, 1904
From The Dog Book Volume 1 by James Watson, 1906
From The Dog Book Volume 2 by James Watson, 1906

I want to run into this picture and scoop up this fabulous little boy:

From the book Sporting Dogs: Their Points and Management by Frank Townend Barton, 1905
From the book Dogs as Home Companions by Albert Frederick Hochwalt, 1922

The bookends!

From the book Hunting Dogs by Oliver Hartley 1909
From the book How to Train Dogs and Cats by Frederick H. Erb, 1904
From Everyman’s Book of the Dog by A. Croxton Smith, 1909
From the book Hounds – Their Breeding and Kennel Management by Sentinel, 1905
From the book Hounds in Old Days by Sir Walter Gilbey, 1913
From the book British Dogs at Work by A. Croxton Smith, 1906
From the book British Dogs, Their Points, Selection, and Show Preparation by William D. Drury, 1903

The Brits were obsessed with colonialism:

From the book British Dogs, Their Points, Selection, and Show Preparation by William D. Drury, 1903
From the book Dogs of All Nations by Walter Esplin Mason, 1915

If you need more vintage beagle pictures (you do), check out my post on rough-coated beagles.

2 thoughts on “Vintage Dog Book Images: Beaglemania

  1. I’m really enjoying this vintage dog project. Where did you find all these old books? I am making a list of them, and hopefully can dig up copies for myself.

    1. Most (all?) of these books are in the public domain. You can search for them online and find them in various places but there are a couple of caveats: Some have been reprinted as “scholar select” works and you can buy actual copies but the one I have is such poor quality I never bought another and don’t plan to. Many of the online versions are also sub standard – some have omitted all images, others have black and white versions of what originally appeared as color images in the book. So it’s worth looking around for a reasonable quality version (naturally the books are old and may contain library marks, yellowed pages, etc.). I’m glad you enjoyed the posts. It was far more time intensive than I anticipated but I really wanted to be as accurate as possible and get the best quality images I could find.

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