Rough-coated Beagles, Redux

Unsatisfied with my original post on the now extinct wirehaired variety of beagles, I offer this new and hopefully improved version with numerous snippets from the literature of the era in which the variety existed.

Rough-coated beagles photo and text written by G. S. Lowe from The New Book of the Dog, Vol. I by Robert Leighton, 1907
Some text (which makes reference to rough-coated beagles) from the book The Dog by Dinks, Mayhew and Hutchinson, illustrated by Frank Forester, 1857
Painting of what looks like a rough coated beagle by Thomas Earl (1836 – 1885)
Entry in The Encyclopaedia of the Kennel by Vero Kemball Shaw, 1913 which mentions both rough-coated and pocket beagles, also extinct.
What looks to me to be possibly one smooth-coat and one rough-coat in an illustration by Arthur Wardle from the book A History and Description of the Modern Dogs (Sporting Division) of Great Britain and Ireland by Rawdon B. Lee, 1893
A snippet of historical information on rough-coated beagles in the US (with a misspelling on Pulboro) from the book Beagles and Beagling by Albert Frederick Hochwalt, 1923
Mr. James W. Appleton, mentioned in the above passage as a former rough-coat breeder, pictured here with a smooth at the National Beagle Club’s 25th annual trials in Bluemont, VA, in November 1914 (Image: Harris & Ewing photograph collection, Library of Congress)
The Fanciers’ Journal, March 7, 1891
Hare-hunting and harriers by Henry Anderson Bryden, 1903

There will be more on the wirehairs in my book… if the crick don’t rise.

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