Rough-coated Beagles, Redux

Unsatisfied with my original post on the now extinct wirehaired variety of beagles, I offer this new and hopefully improved version with numerous snippets from the literature of the era in which the variety existed.

Rough-coated beagles photo and text written by G. S. Lowe from The New Book of the Dog, Vol. I by Robert Leighton, 1907
Some text (which makes reference to rough-coated beagles) from the book The Dog by Dinks, Mayhew and Hutchinson, illustrated by Frank Forester, 1857
From the book The Dogs of the British Islands by Stonehenge, 1872
Painting of what looks like a rough coated beagle by Thomas Earl (1836 – 1885)
Entry in The Encyclopaedia of the Kennel by Vero Kemball Shaw, 1913 which mentions both rough-coated and pocket beagles, also extinct.
What looks to me to be possibly one smooth-coat and one rough-coat in an illustration by Arthur Wardle from the book A History and Description of the Modern Dogs (Sporting Division) of Great Britain and Ireland by Rawdon B. Lee, 1893
A snippet of historical information on rough-coated beagles in the US from the book Beagles and Beagling by Albert Frederick Hochwalt, 1923
Mr. James W. Appleton, mentioned in the above passage as a former rough-coat breeder, pictured here with a smooth at the National Beagle Club’s 25th annual trials in Bluemont, VA, in November 1914 (Image: Harris & Ewing photograph collection, Library of Congress)
The Fanciers’ Journal, March 7, 1891
Hare-hunting and harriers by Henry Anderson Bryden, 1903
From the book The Twentieth Century Dog (Sporting) by Herbert Compton, 1904

There will be more on the wirehairs in my book… if the crick don’t rise.

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