HSUS Continues Efforts to Eliminate Pets

Well, this sucks:

If you sell someone a puppy and for whatever reason that person is not happy with their new little fluffy bundle of joy, YOU can be turned in to the HSUS!!! Yes, folks, the HSUS has now appointed themselves “breeder watchdogs”…All a person has to do is download the 6 page form (count ’em **6** pages of forms), fill them out with their name and contact information and supply the BREEDER’S contact information, then submit copies of the packet (with all contracts, registration, medical records, etc) to the following:

Once this form is complete and additional documents have been attached make six copies of your packet. – Send one copy to Puppy Mills, The Humane Society of the United States, 2100 L Street NW, Washington, DC 20037.

– Send one copy to the Department of Agriculture in the state in which the breeder does business.

– Send one copy each to the Attorney General of the state in which the breeder resides and to the Attorney General in your state.

– Save one copy and all originals for your records.

How is it that the HSUS keeps roping in unsuspecting donors, year after year, making out like they are the Upright Pet Loving Citizens Brigade? The HSUS actively works to get law enforcement involved in the private lives of Pitbull owners. The HSUS actively works to seize Pitbulls from dog owners they have accused of wrongdoing. The HSUS actively works to have these seized Pitbulls killed before the owner gets his day in court. And they use your donated money to do it.

Don’t support the HSUS. Tell a friend.

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Dinner at Chez Dog

Billy cooked up some ground turkey for the dogs last night and put it in the fridge. This afternoon, I tossed some leftover veggies (carrots, radicchio and broccoli) in the food processor and cooked some rice. Since the turkey was cold, I put it in the bottom of the dog bowl. Then added the warm rice and spooned the grated veggies on top. So it looked like this:

Then I mixed everything up so all the food would be room temperature (see how s-m-r-t I am?). It looked like this:

The humans got to eat too and of course the dogs got leftover salmon and risotto afterward:

Graham got a PB jar for dessert:

Owner Suspects Tainted Peanut Butter Killed Dog

In addition to the human death toll in the current peanut butter recall, a dog owner in Atlanta who shares his food with his pets believes there may be a link between the Salmonella tainted peanut butter and his dog’s sudden death:

Bert Kanist says his dog Ozzie became sick after eating two packages of Austin brand peanut butter crackers, two days before the snacks were recalled because of the salmonella outbreak.

Ozzie died the next day.

Naturally the owner has questions but in typical secretive corporate fashion, the companies involved with the product are not terribly interested in helping:

“All I get is the same runaround. ‘We can’t talk to you. We’ll take your name number,’ and they pass me another phone number,” he complained. “All I want is a straight answer from somebody.”


Delusional BSL Proposal in DC

D.C. Councilman Graham has a philosophy on legislation to ban Pitbulls:  Propose, FAIL, Repeat.  

“I’ve introduced the pit bull legislation every session, and I am continuing in that determined pattern,” he said. “In case you are thinking I am deluded, I also introduced the lead paint hazard bill every session, and it passed last December. Every dog has its day.”

Every dog except Pitbulls, if the Councilman has his way:

The pit bull measure bars the possession and sale of the breed in the District. It requires current owners to register their pets with animal control, sterilize the dogs and tag them for quick identification. Any pit bull that doesn’t meet those requirements must be impounded and euthanized.

Councilman Graham, did you ever consider that perhaps your proposal keeps failing because people understand that breed specific legislation doesn’t work?  

Contact Mr. Graham and let him know, politely and respectfully, why you do not support his BSL proposal and what some alternatives might be to keeping people and dogs safe in the community:

Jim Graham – Councilmember (Ward 1) 
e-mail:  jgraham@dccouncil. us
Tel: (202) 724-8181 Fax: (202) 724-8109

The complete D.C. Council contact info is available as a pdf here.

SC Shelter in Need Gets Help from Near and Far

Hundreds of pounds of kibble and blankets were flown in to save the day for the Anderson County Animal Shelter in SC:

The food and blankets, airlifted in by volunteer pilots from as far away as Pennsylvania and brought in by concerned area residents from as far away as Greer, were the answer to a call for help from the Anderson County Animal Shelter.

According to shelter officials, the facility is housing between 400 and 500 animals, including more than double the usual number of dogs for this time of year.


“The response from Animal Rescue Flights and concerned citizens in and around Anderson has been completely overwhelming,” she [Michelle Shead, the shelter’s adoption coordinator] said while she counted cash, checks and gift cards dropped off by concerned citizens.

One of the donations was $40 from an 11-year old boy.

“His parents said he’d saved up his money and wanted to donate it to help with the animals,” Shead said. “He will never know how much that means to all of us at the shelter.”

Volunteers with the ROTC of Westside High School in Anderson and cadets of the Anderson Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol loaded roughly four truckloads of dog food and blankets, Shead said, and more than $2,200 in cash donations had been received as of 2 p.m. Saturday.

I love community based efforts, especially when they aid the non-voting and otherwise voiceless members of the community. And in this case, a successful fund raising effort drew support from out of state donors as well. I’m glad to know the pets in the Anderson Co. Animal Shelter will have full bellies and blankies to sleep on tonight. It’s been cold lately!

Video here.

Transparency and Organization Still Lacking at Secretive SC Shelter

Last month, I wrote about a shelter in Myrtle Beach, SC (run by the Horry County Humane Society) which closed to kill dogs en masse after a Distemper outbreak. The apparent attempts by the shelter director to mislead/hide from the media regarding the handling of the disease outbreak got her sacked not long after the story hit the local news. The shelter reopened after a month long closure (how long does it take to thoroughly clean a facility which should be thoroughly clean to start with?) but now Board members are jumping ship:

There are currently 8 members on the HCHS board with seven seats unfilled.

One of the 8 occupied seats was just filled this past week:

The board voted Wednesday to appoint Carol Bourne-Hunt to the HCHS board after Hunt was voted off the Grand Strand Humane Society’s board days ago.

Hunt told News13 she spend 13 years as a member of the GSHS board, but lost a re-election bid in January after the Myrtle Beach animal shelter staff campaigned for another candidate.

I couldn’t find any available facts regarding the failed re-election bid but it doesn’t take a genius to realize if the staff at this lady’s former shelter campaigned for her ousting, they must have had a reason. Shelter staff are generally the hands on people who try and help the animals in their care within the limitations set for them by the Board of Directors. They see the day to day effects that board room decisions have on the lives of shelter pets. I tend to give their opinions significant value. At any rate, the Horry County Humane Society (half) Board won’t be writing their own ticket indefinitely:

Some members of Horry County council cited the seemingly high turnover at the agency’s shelter and board as reason to take a closer look into the shelter’s management and finances.

The county’s Public Safety Committee voted on Jan. 14 to conduct an investigation into the shelter’s finances.

The HCHS received $535, 613 in county tax dollars to run the shelter in a contract with Horry County.

Yeah I’d like to know what exactly this (half) Board is doing with that half-a-million in taxpayer money too. I mean besides adopting out dogs during a known Distemper outbreak, killing dogs in their care and bringing on board someone who just got the boot from her own shelter staff. Accountability, anyone?

PETA and Vick: Pitbull Killing Freaks No Longer BFFs

Although it seemed like a match made in Scumbag Heaven, PETA and Michael Vick have had a falling out. Too bad because they both apparently think that killing Pitbulls is great and both seem to enjoy raking in the millions but alas, the honeymoon is over. Their planned television PSA about dogfighting [beverage spew warning – doh! I’m supposed to say that first, huh?] has been sent to PETA’s walk-in freezer:

The organization said Wednesday that an agreement was reached with Vick’s representatives to shoot the spot, but that Vick’s attorneys sought assurance from PETA the group would support Vick’s return to the NFL.
PETA is urging that Vick undergo a brain scan and a full psychiatric evaluation.

Right backatcha baby!

Peanut Butter Products Recalled

In case you haven’t heard, it seems like a long list of processed foods containing peanut butter as an ingredient (crackers, ice cream, dog treats, etc.) are being recalled due to Salmonella contamination. From the FDA:

Peanut Corporation of America (PCA), is expanding the recall of peanut butter and voluntarily recalling peanut paste made at its Blakely, Georgia facility because the products have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.
The recalled peanut butter and peanut paste were distributed to institutions, food service industries, and private label food companies in 24 states, the province of Saskatchewan in Canada, Korea and Haiti. The U.S. states are the following: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia. In addition, affected product was used as an ingredient in other products that may have been distributed in other states.

None of the peanut butter being recalled is sold directly to consumers through retail stores by PCA.

PCA is not the only peanut butter manufacturer involved in this recall so you might like to take a look at all the recent FDA alerts. For now, they are saying that regular peanut butter on your grocery store shelf is not affected. As someone who eats a lot of peanut butter, I hope they are telling us the whole story.

Mahalia Jackson Live Performance

Treats on the Internets

This is the Oh My God edition. Check back in future for the Return to Reason edition. I hope.

Blue Dog State posts about a turn-in-your-neighbor-win-big-prizes program in FL which encourages citizens to phone in “tips” about people who own Pitbulls. Cos you know, they might be dogfighters. But what exactly happens when the red Pitbull phone goes ringy dingy?:

When Floridians dial that HSUS dogfight tip hotline number, the one that Attorney General McCollum thinks is such a great thing, they won’t get the Attorney General’s office. They won’t get a public servant at all.

Persons wishing to make anonymous accusations of felonious activity will be connected to an individual employed by a for-profit, private security company employed by the Humane Society of the United States.

The for-profit private security company employed by HSUS will take the ball from there.

And guess whose instructions they’ll be following.

Well I certainly hope it’s not the kill-all-pitbulls-before-the-owner-gets-his-day-in-court HSUS. It’s not them, is it? In the words of Hellboy: Oh, crap.

Blue Dog wisely notes:

I have a problem when private corporations like the Humane Society of the United States — ones with zero public responsibility — get into the law enforcement biz. Out of control private warriors operating in the Middle East are a national disgrace.

Do we really want private contractors operating in the domestic sector, too?

:::waves hand vigorously::: Pick me! I know the answer!


In South Carolina news, the state legislature is working on a bill that basically says a sheriff can deputize someone from an animal group (such as the SC SPCA) to arrest citizens on suspicion of animal cruelty. The group can then seize their pets and demand payment for their “care” in minimum increments of 30 day periods. If the owner can’t come up with the cash, the group can rehome or kill the pets as they see fit. What about people who end up being found not guilty by the time they get their day in court? Well for those who couldn’t produce the green, sorry your dogs are dead or otherwise disposed. Thanks for playing. But for those who were able to put up the funds, you may be entitled to a partial refund if the group “caring” for your animals hasn’t withdrawn every last penny from the account already. Wow – bonus.

Contact Governor Sanford and let him know, in a respectful manner, how you feel about this bill and why he should not sign it into law.

Governor Mark Sanford
Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12267
Columbia, SC 29211

Fax: 803-734-5167
Phone: 803-734-2100.


Smartdogs has all the horrible details on the neglect and abuse charges against the English Shepherd breeder in Montana. It’s way worse than the initial reporting seemed to indicate. Do not read while eating.


Pet Connection calls out a popular Pediatrician for the dispensing of ancient myth advice: if you’re pregnant, dump your cat or he’ll steal your baby’s breath in the night. Dude, what?


And we gotta have one GOOD Oh My God. Courtesy of Lassie, Get Help. Thank you Captain Sullenberger and crew, cool headed passengers and awesome first responders for the feel good hit of the Summer. In January.