HSUS Continues Efforts to Eliminate Pets

Well, this sucks:

If you sell someone a puppy and for whatever reason that person is not happy with their new little fluffy bundle of joy, YOU can be turned in to the HSUS!!! Yes, folks, the HSUS has now appointed themselves “breeder watchdogs”…All a person has to do is download the 6 page form (count ’em **6** pages of forms), fill them out with their name and contact information and supply the BREEDER’S contact information, then submit copies of the packet (with all contracts, registration, medical records, etc) to the following:

Once this form is complete and additional documents have been attached make six copies of your packet. – Send one copy to Puppy Mills, The Humane Society of the United States, 2100 L Street NW, Washington, DC 20037.

– Send one copy to the Department of Agriculture in the state in which the breeder does business.

– Send one copy each to the Attorney General of the state in which the breeder resides and to the Attorney General in your state.

– Save one copy and all originals for your records.

How is it that the HSUS keeps roping in unsuspecting donors, year after year, making out like they are the Upright Pet Loving Citizens Brigade? The HSUS actively works to get law enforcement involved in the private lives of Pitbull owners. The HSUS actively works to seize Pitbulls from dog owners they have accused of wrongdoing. The HSUS actively works to have these seized Pitbulls killed before the owner gets his day in court. And they use your donated money to do it.

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