Open Thread

While the blog is on hiatus, I am leaving this open thread up so people can share anything animal related in the comments.


Just a Note

First, thank you to everyone who has stuck around while the blog is on hiatus.  I appreciate you, more than I can say.  I thought an update was in order since January is about to come to an end and I haven’t yet returned as I had hoped.  I still have the desire to blog, I am just uncertain as to when I will be in a position to act on it.  I am struggling with depression, unemployment and various other life circumstances which I know affect everyone at times.  I’ll get through but rather than set any deadline which I may not be able to meet regarding when I’ll be back here, I am simply going to put up another Open Thread after I post this note.  It is my intention to return, sooner rather than later, which I take as a good sign.  In the meantime, I am thinking of you and hoping.