Vintage Beagles VII

An interesting breed description from 1872 which includes reference to rough-coats: Source: Webb, H. (1872). Dogs: their points, whims, instincts, and peculiarities. London, England: Dean & Son Illustration by John Sturgess.Source: Beaufort, H.C.F.S., 8th Duke of and Morris, M.W. (1885). Hunting. Boston, Massachusetts: Little, Brown, and Co A list of beagle sales recorded in the … Continue reading Vintage Beagles VII

1900 Article on a Beagle and Whippet Kennel

Printed in the October 27, 1900 issue of Country Life Illustrated, this breeder profile was titled Famous Kennels: Mrs. Oughton Giles's. Mrs. Oughton Giles lived in England and was primarily known for beagles but had whippets as well. There is also a Yorkshire terrier in the photograph with her below. Source for text and images: … Continue reading 1900 Article on a Beagle and Whippet Kennel