Vintage Beagles VI

Three beagle pups napping by Marie H. Guise Newcomb, 1893
Experiences such as this, and worse, while shipping dogs by rail to shows were not uncommon around the turn of the century. From Forest and Stream, October 6, 1894.
Forest and Stream, November 17, 1894
Country Life Illustrated, March 27, 1897
An anecdote regarding the Empress of Austria who visited England and met Frank Gillard, a huntsman with the Belvoir foxhounds.
Source: Bradley, C. (1898). The reminiscences of Frank Gillard (huntsman) with the Belvoir hounds, 1860 to 1896. London, England: Edward Arnold
From Turf, Field and Farm, October 27, 1899
Regarding the beagle entry at the Philadelphia dog show in Turf, Field and Farm, December 1, 1899.
Country Life Illustrated, February 10, 1900

An interesting write-up of hounds, including a mention of beagles being absent from the Crystal Palace show in England:

Smith, A.C. (1910, October 29). The kennel club show. Country Life, pp. 597-599
From Dogdom, May 1911 with the caption: “The Beagle Brownie L, owned by A.J. Linsay, Utica.”
Dogdom, July 1911
Three images from:
Anon. (1916, September 10). The great dog derby in Virginia. The Washington Post, Society, p. 8. Retrieved from
The huntsman “must have almost lost his heart” over losing the dogs to a new owner. From Field and Stream, August 1921
Turf, Field and Farm, July 9, 1897
Turf, Field and Farm, July 9, 1897
An ad in Turf, Field and Farm, November 10, 1899.

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